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Blacking out my LTD...Grills, model specific?? Mirror Tops

I have a Limited, that I am going to black out, and I wanted to switch the grill over from a chrome one, that was painted black (poorly), to a XLT/Ironman version, but just wanted confirmation that the grill's are interchangeable?? Also the hood trim/grill top, swap out??

Also, is there a way to pull the chrome top off of my mirrors and change them to black, or am I better off doing them in plasti dip??

I did a quick search, didn't really find what I was looking for.

Thanks guys.


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February 22, 2014
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Lockport, NY
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2008 Ford Explorer
Thanks for all the help!!!!! :thumbsup:

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September 27, 2010
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'03 EB
I'm sorry no one replied earlier but i would thing a post as yours would get more replies in the 06-10 modified section as someone with a 91 would have no idea is a 2008 grill is compatible.