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Blaine122300 6" Skyjacker Class II & 33's

I've got my new tires, and my lift should be here soon. I got the spring perches tack welded in place for my SOA in the rear and I'm really excited to get this thing going. I'm so excited, that after I got my new 33's mounted up today, I put one on the rear of my "X". To see how she looked. What do you think? go to


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It's gonna look awesome once the lift gets put in. Should've went with 35's though ;) . Aren't you moving down here at DM? I had a chance for a TDY up there but turned it down.

Anyways, take a lot of action pics!

Yup, goin down this weekend. will be in Arizona on monday. e-mail me your info (phone number) and maybe I can come and look at your explorer.


got a PM and e-mail. See you next week..........


I have my lift and she is going on great. One tip though. Do not follow directons to the "T". they are a little ambiguous. I'll tell you why if you ask. I posted more photo's on my album if you would like to see how she is going. The rear is up, and the front is going great. The rivets on the drivers side drop bracket were a pain to say the least. The grinder took care of it pretty well though. Hope you enjoy the pics. More to come soon.



I finally got her done. In the pictures I have the add-a-leafs in. I eventually took them out for there was too much rake. I had 12.5" from the top of the tire to the wheel well in the back and 9" in front. Now with the add-a-leafs out, is sits 9.5" in the rear and the same 9" in the front. Thanks everyone for your help on lifting my "X". It is a lot of fun!!

I'm now elite!!!

Here is my toy!!

She is a little dirty, but happy!!


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