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BLAKTRAC - 04 Sport Trac 4x4 Prerunner

Thought I'd fire up a new thread for Seabeck 4x4 and Fab's latest prerunner project. This will be a very capable all-around comfort cruiser for the desert and mountains, and maybe an occasional grocery run mixed in:D

Some Specs:
2004 Ford Sport Trac 4x4
4.0L V6 SOHC
Spintech Muffler

Front Suspension:
Dixon Bros Racing LT 4x4 Kit
Fox 2.5x8 Coilover Reservoir Shocks
Fox 2.0x3 Bumpstops
Dixon Clevis steering kit
Dixon lower A-arm crossbar

Rear Suspension:
Deaver G50E pack
Warrior Products shackles
Fox 2.5x14 smoothbody reservoired shock
Fox 2.0x2 bumpstops
Seabeck 4x4 and Fab custom bedcage

Hanneman Fiberglass (front and rear)
Seabeck 4x4 and Fab front bumper
Seabeck 4x4 and Fab rear bumper/tire carrier
Hella 700FF & rallye 4000 pencil beam lights
Procomp M/T 33x12.50R15
Procomp 152 simulated beadlock wheels
Beard/Corbeau seats w/ matching rear bench

The customer has already installed the fiberglass, and as soon as we get the arms coated, the suspension install will begin!

Teaser Pic :D

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Will you move back in with me?

I think he is confused...that a Dodge quadcab not a sport trac :confused:


Nice, definitely gonna be watching this build. Could you post different angle shots of the front fenders on the truck??? Been thinking about saving up for them but wanted to see more pictures and get other peoples thoughts on them.

These would really help with the tire coverage once I do my SAS, SOA on my '03 ST, it's black like yours. I'll probably run 35's to keep it streetable since it'll still be my daily driver. The only thing with those fenders is they look like they'd catch a ton of air and kill the MPG's even more but I like them alot, may look at the 4" fenders. They look like they form closer to the body on the rear of the fender so it wouldn't catch as much air. Do anything with your ranger lately?

I wouldn't expect the fenders to cut down on MPG's very much, they are pretty rounded but what the heck do I know lol...but if you have 35's and SAS on your rig you probably aren't too worried about mileage anyhow haha. Haven't done a whole lot to my ranger other than what I have updated in my build thread...I have the rear glass removed right now, and all the bed bolts removed, just have to hack the bed apart to be able to tear it off around the welded-in bedcage. I just received a 2" die in the mail for my tubing bender so I can get started on my rollcage soon to meet SCORE regulations.

I was just thinking about the rear inside of the front fenders catching alot of air on the highway (atleast the 6"er's) the 4" fenders look more streamline to the body on the rear of the front fenders. I'm not gonna get the best MPG's with a SAS but wanna do as much as I can to help it. I'm done with dealing with the IFS, first truck I've owned and wheeled with it and I miss the capability of a good solid axle up front. I know I can't have both but I'm gonna try and combine the best of both worlds.

Tht thing is sick man.....good job!

Are you using two different usernames cause if not someone else is posting pics of your ST in the ST section and saying it's theirs.

Haha, this Sport Trac is not mine, it is caseyc's! I am just working on it for him :D

Here are some updated pics...nothing too special yet, just the lower shock mounts tacked into place. Next I will cut some holes in the bed and get started on the bedcage :)



Yes, this is my Sport Trac. Having my buddy Josh build it up for me. Nice build thread, lol ;) I just installed a HID kit in my hella 4000. Also got the final matching spare mounted. I'll bring it by this weekend so you can get messurements with the tires in the carrier.

Ok, that's cool. I figured I'd ask because I've caught people using pictures of my trucks saying they're their's. Really nice Trac and build so far !!!

Good looking out, but Josh is on top of the game unlike me. He had to start me a build thread! :)

Sweet! I was gonna ask you about that other spare. That sounds cool on the HID conversion :)

I'm thinking we may want to build some more legit spring plates at some point. Not totally important right now, but the stock ones are pretty lame!

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I hear you, I'm down for some bad ace spring plates. The stockers are pretty lame cause they have the shock tabs hangin off the corner. Looks dumb! But like I said I'll bring that tire because I'm sure you'll want it for mock ups and whatnot.