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BLAKTRAC - 04 Sport Trac 4x4 Prerunner

Thought I'd fire up a new thread for Seabeck 4x4 and Fab's latest prerunner project. This will be a very capable all-around comfort cruiser for the desert and mountains, and maybe an occasional grocery run mixed in:D

Some Specs:
2004 Ford Sport Trac 4x4
4.0L V6 SOHC
Spintech Muffler

Front Suspension:
Dixon Bros Racing LT 4x4 Kit
Fox 2.5x8 Coilover Reservoir Shocks
Fox 2.0x3 Bumpstops
Dixon Clevis steering kit
Dixon lower A-arm crossbar

Rear Suspension:
Deaver G50E pack
Warrior Products shackles
Fox 2.5x14 smoothbody reservoired shock
Fox 2.0x2 bumpstops
Seabeck 4x4 and Fab custom bedcage

Hanneman Fiberglass (front and rear)
Seabeck 4x4 and Fab front bumper
Seabeck 4x4 and Fab rear bumper/tire carrier
Hella 700FF & rallye 4000 pencil beam lights
Procomp M/T 33x12.50R15
Procomp 152 simulated beadlock wheels
Beard/Corbeau seats w/ matching rear bench

The customer has already installed the fiberglass, and as soon as we get the arms coated, the suspension install will begin!

Teaser Pic :D

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Truck looks great. I especially like the wheels. I have always liked the Robby Gordon style wheels. Why did you choose to run a CA flag being from WA?
Thanks man! I love the wheels too.

I live in WA but not from WA.

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Anything new with this build? I'm new here, and looking to do something similar with my 2001 Sport. Ill probably end up doing exactly the same thing on the front end, rear end will be SOA with stiffer shocks, but ill probably stick to 33's because its gonna be my daily driver as well

Nothing happening with the truck lately. No money, no parts. I hope to get something done to it soon but she's been on hold due to school. There's been someone that had some new front axles built for their truck, I've been keeping an eye on. Just need to scrounge up some cash.

A snow run would be fun if I had 4wd. But either way I'm always down for a offroad adventure. Except I'm pretty booked up for the holidays. Maybe after or something.

RockRanger- DBR does make a LT kit that widens your front a-arms but as of right now does not offer axles to complete the 4x4 kit he sells. His machine shop that made his axles went out of business and he doesn't have another shop yet. So good luck finding axles until he gets his priorities straight. If it were me, and I didn't have a complete kit to offer for the 4x4 guys. I wouldn't have it available or seem available to the consumers. Basically right now I believe the one piece that is preventing others from building axles is the "broach" the female adapter to connect to the diff to convert to a 930 setup.

I just wanted to say we took over for Dixon Bros and are working on having those axle adaptors machined. Still going to be a while but there is light at the end of the tunnel.

Update, roof rack



I like it but, what purpose does the 45° back half serve? The full closed for large objects, and full extended for a ladder rack.

Don't have a specific use. But I figured I'd give it an extra option if the time ever presented itself

95% of the time it'll be collapsed

Just PM'ed you to see if you are on Instagram so I can tag you...?

I didn't receive any PM's and I'm not on Instagram.

I like the rack, rooftop tent eventually?

Thanks for the link.

Looking to start caging the truck soon. Slow but steady

Cool, I'll be doing the same with mine. Started my SAS, it's on hold til springtime, I broke my shoulder at work in the beginning of Aug..

Love the pre runner