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Blazin8556's 97 X

My 1997 Ford Explorer XLT AWD 5.0. Purchased for $500. It had been sitting for a year with a blown head gasket. Installed on it when i got it was overload springs, air shocks and lines, 31" BFG, and a trailer brake controller (which is no longer in the truck due to an almost accident it caused when the ground line wrapped itself around the steering shaft).

So far i have done a short console swap out of a 2 door manual shift which made me loose my cd changer. I swapped in a 2000 cd/tape deck and installed an ashtray/power point from a ranger/explorer (purchased from ebay).

Looking around on here i found a couple of things that i am planning on doing. which is a M5R2 manual transmission (reason for short console) and an electronic 4406 transfer case. i already put in the GEM for a 96 4x4.

As far as lighting goes. so far i have only put on an auxilary tractor light on the back bumper wired into the reverse lights. I would like to have a brush guard of some kind with lights on it and a roof basket with a couple of lights and put my spare on top.

Wheels i would like are just some cheap factory steel wheels that are sanded and powder coated or just painted black. That way if i bend a rim i can easily find a new match and won't be out of much money.

will have pics as soon as i figure out how to link them.

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The truck is on hold for a minute. Just got done moving so now have to unpack everything. Moved with the explorer and a small trailer. Took about 100 trips each time the truck and trailer were packed slap full,truck did well..Next is an interior clean up replacestuff that needs replacing. Slowly working on getting my 4406 right. Waiting on a part from a fellow member. I was messing around the otherday and did the air box mod. The only thing I notice is that you can hear the motor pulling air at high rpms.

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Rotated my tires on Thursday. Checked my suspension for play. I need lower ball joints. Gonna do that and may do wheel bearing hubs. And the camber/Caster kit I found on here.

I hate it when I have to do maintenance over mod's but such is life. Glad your move went well tho'.

replaced the lower ball joints. its a bit quieter down there. except i also need upper control arms. bought a new set of goodyear wrangler authoritys, when i went outside to a flat and wally world told me they could fix it cause the tire was to wore out.

finally got the top piece of my arm rest (the soft flip up part). and found an eddie bower edition x in the junk yard. pulled the eatc out and some of the sensors. i remembers a few, came home and read over the article i found on it and i didn't get the photocell in the dash and the fan speed controller. gotta go back tomorrow to pull some heads for another x im working on, so ill snag whatever else i need.

Sweet, be nice to get it sorted ay?:thumbsup:


EATC installed. couple of tweaks and itll be done. need to hook up the return air sensor tube to the blower unit. wire the blower motor resistor. change my measurement wire to read F. and check it out from there. i may need another relay for the compressor clutch. gonna wait till its all finished before i see tho.

sorry for the blurry pic. good ol droid stupid smart phone.

All good mate. My stupid smart phone gives me the s***s.

got a problem. i only have high for the blower motor, the compressor won't kick in. and i guess the blend door got stuck on heat while i was adjusting the temp. it went from ambient temp b/cause of the compressor not kicking in to hot as heck. cycled through all the vents and that all works good. i only installed 1 relay from the car domain ranger instructions. guess i needed 2. correct? blend door stopped working due to age i guess. whats with the high fan setting only? i really don't want to pop for the $100 for the blower motor resistor. btw the a/c worked with the manual setup. maybe i overlooked something.

any suggestions?

link for the ranger swap.

my blend door axle is broke. the eatc blend door servo was messing up, and i think im gonna order a new speed control module. did a lot of testing and rechecking the wires and everything seems ok. i had skipped the part as to what the relay was for. gonna just wire the 2 purples together and leave the relay like it is and use it as an accessory switch eventually. i have 12 volts in the purple so i think the main unit is doing what it is supposed to be doing.

any ideas? anyone?

i have decided on doing a swap for the limited/eddie bower steering wheel. i just put a radiator in a mountaineer and it had the same style steering wheel with eatc (that works) and the message center.

did a mirror swap. its easy and everything works great. except the mirror slider. its ignored by the mirror.

some pics.
the mirror. it has the headlights on in this pic.

light switch off

front shot

rear light

my new tires that got me in trouble with the wife. i never did post a pic of them.

dang my truck is dirty. next weekend's project. clean the embarrassing interior. lol

At least that don't cost money!

thats true. i only have $15 tied up in the eatc and the mirror. the junk yard i go to is really cheap. i picked up another engine computer to be flashed for the manual conversion for $20. pulled a 4.0 sohc block and heads for $140. had the heads machined for a sport trac im working on.(not mine). $330 to replace the heads on this guys truck. way better than $1000 for both heads. he paid half the labor up front so i could order the timing tool kit for the engine.

i need to pull another v8 and work on rebuilding it. the mountaneer i replaced the radiator in ran 10x better than my truck. mine still sporting the bad lifters tho.

i also ordered the upper control arms with the ball joints. the passenger side is coming in as a one piece unit. and ordered the camber caster bolt kit and a blend door repair kit. $110 for everything from rock auto. ran a google search for a promo code, found one and entered it and got 5% off. not a major difference but every little bit helps.

got all the parts in today. gonna look up the a/c plenum removal. if the dash has to come out it can wait till it gets a little cooler. got my blower speed controller issue fixed. now im struggling with getting the a/c compressor to engage. posted about it in the a/c section of the forum.

Hahahahahaha wicked

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rigged my a/c to work. had to for the 120 degree heat index. the WOT relay was clicking on and off. reran a new wire to the blower motor and now i have variable speeds. however this morning i think my evaporator froze up and cut air flow through the fins. i turned the rigged compressor off for a bit and the the air flow started to come back.

BTW is this the cd i keep hearing about on the site?