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bleeding the brakes


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January 29, 2004
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91 xlt
i have tried near everything to bleed my brakes after i changed out my rear wheel cylinder and rear brake positive i never let any air get into the master cylinder cause i kept the fluid full in there. i tried the old pump the petal 10 times then hold and crack the bleeder... did that for about 4 hours. i used a one man gravity brake bleeder and nothing. only thing i havent done is use a power bleed but is that really need? any info would be usefull as im about to push this truck off a bridge..... :banghead: :roll:

Did you bleed the brakes in the order of right rear, left rear, right front, left front? If not go back and bleed again. Now are you bleeding the brakes properly. Have someone pump them up. You crack the bleeder for a few seconds and then close while having a tube come off the bleeder into a jar full of brake fluid. Continue at each wheel in the order mentioned until there are no more bubbles.

Good Luck,

i been doing it exactly like that.....i even used one of those one man brake bleeders with the check valve so no air or fluid can go back in. im not sure what is wrong but there must be some serious air somewhere.....i think im just gona get one of those vacuume types and suck all the fluid an air through and call it good.

If you did exactly as you said and you drained enough through so that you went all the way back to the fill tube then you probably need a new master cylinder. You have air entering from somewhere else. You need to bleed the first wheel forever to get it bled all the way back to the master cylinder. The easy way to tell is that you suck the old fluid out with a turkey baster then put new fluid in. When the fluid changes color you have removed all the old fluid. But now that you have allready bled a few times I'm not sure of an easy way to tell if you have bled enough.

Good Luck,