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Blend Door - 97 EB w EATC


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May 27, 2010
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Powder Springs, GA
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1997 Eddie Bauer V8 2WD
Does anyone know of a source for a plenum mounted temperature blend door for the EATC? Ford wants $175!! The Dorman kit 902-202 says it's for Manual systems only. Any help would be appreciated.

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Are you talking about the blend door, or the blend door actuator? I'm thinking you are talking about the EATC blend door actuator. I've seen them for much less than $175. Look on eBay or RockAuto or Tasca Ford Parts. I'm needing one too. I think I sourced one for around $60, but I don't recall where I found it. Just make sure you get the correct one. The manual version will not work with the EATC and eBay lists different actuators that say they'll work, but they look quite different, so I kinda doubt they would work.

RockAuto lists several. Personally, I'd stay away from Dorman unless there's no other choice.,heater+blend+door+actuator,10721

FYI, The manual and automatic actuators look identical externally, but are completely different internally. Mine looks like the one with the 3 screw holds (2000/2001 Explorer).

Koda - thanks for the quick response. I was asking about the door itself - just in case it wasn't the actuator. Turns out it was the actuator; I got one from Advance for just over $50 - it is a Dorman, so we'll see how it lasts. I had to get a friend to get the back screw - I have big hands and there was no way I could get at ti!!

I used a Dorman door kit for my EATC. I believe the plenum box is the same part in all the trucks. Actuator is different. I installed it thru the evap core hole, it had to be changed anyway. I had to remove a small corner (does not affect anything, about 1/4" off an edge) to get it in.

I heard of some people loosening the fan housing, pulling it back without disconnecting the A/C and Jimmying it in, maybe you can on some engines.

bobflood, I had to make a special tool to get at that rear bolt (I have big hands too). It would have been nice if Ford designed that area of the dash with just a 1/2" more room. As I said, I need to replace the blend door actuator in our 2000 Mountaineer before summer. I'll check with you to see how the Dorman actuator is doing.