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Blend door actuator broken lever


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December 20, 2021
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2004 explored xlt
Can the blend door actuator lever be replaced without pulling the blender out? It looks like opening the glove box going in with a screwdriver you might be able to pry the old one off with it in there instead of pulling your dash apart and doing that has anyone tried

Welcome to this Forum. Try your Search Bar…. Lots of good information here.

You have to remove the dash, depending on how the door arm broke.
For me, I stuff something up there in between winter and summer to direct which air I want.
If you have enough of the arm left, you may be able to rig it.

However, talking to the dealer once, they said that the actuator goes bad and breaks these (too much reach?) but I don’t know if that’s true. Just saying you may want to replace it at the same time.

Expanding on what Number4 said, I had enough of the arm left to drill a hole and use zip ties to secure it to the actuator arm. Fifteen months later and it is still working. However, I will admit when the selector switch is in full defrost mode it helps to close the center air vents as some air will still come through that way.