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Blend door dilemma


03 EB 4x4 4.6l making it thru in NC
August 1, 2007
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Albemarle NC
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Albemarle NC
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'03 Eddie Bauer 4.6L 4x4
Apparently I need a blend door as I have some heat but it's very little. When I change the temperature all the way to cold the little heat I have does change to cold so apparently the actuator is working.
The problem is that lists two blend doors, both for manual systems. However I have an EATC system in my 99 Limited. Is there really a difference in the two? I've searched through almost all the threads on blend door but can't seem to find mention of this problem. If there is a difference does anyone no where to get a door for the automatic system?

Thanks in advance for any help.