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Blend door rotation question


April 24, 2015
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Bitterroots of Montana
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1985 Porsche 944
Last spring, my actuator started clicking, so I unplugged it and, thinking it was a problem with the blend door, I got the doorman replacement.
Last week, I decided to replace it.
First, I took out the actuator and it looked fine. Check the top of the door where the actuator fits in, and it looked good too. In fact, it rotates fine.
So, I pulled the actuator apart and found stripped gears.
Ah, that's the problem! Ordered a new actuator and got it today.
Well, here is where I ran into an issue; when installed, and I cycle the heat, the actuator tries to move the door further than it can move. In both the cold and heat positions, the actuator moves freely, binds up right at the end of its cycle, and I can feel it trying to keep moving just a little more.
I did the self test and reset several times, but that didn't help.
Ok, so I pulled the actuator out and when I cycle the heat, the actuator rotates just over 45', and when I rotate the door, it moves just under 45'.
Now the question, the door moves freely and feels like it makes the full sweep, so will the actuator figure out the proper sweep, or is it possible something is preventing the door from moving all the way?

If you made it through the whole paragraph, thank you!
Anyone have an idea or similar experience before I cut into the air box?