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Blend door servo/actuator question

Dan Whitaker

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December 24, 2001
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I did a search but did not find an answer.

I pulled the servo/actuator off this weekend as the heat had stopped working.
The shaft moved when I turned the temp control nob but it was kind of jerky in movement.

I also did the nail fix trick as the blend door is broke where they always break.

After re-installing the servo/actuator I had both normal & max A/C which I have not had since 2005 but still had no heat.

I went in the house frustrated & came back out later and started my Mounty and slowly turned the heat control nob & I could hear the blend door making a creaking noise. The A/C was still working so I turned the nob slowly all the way to hot and bam! I had heat again.

I turned the nob slowly back to cool turned the other nob to normal & max A/C and hot air was blowing out again.

Could the blend door servo/acuator be going out as well? My mounty has 183,000 on it & is a '97

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did you glue the nail into the actuator arm?

No I didn't because if I did not have the nail in the right possitition I did not want to try & get it out if I had glued it.

I'm also wondering if I did not put the nail far enough down on the shaft.

I found the web site that someone had posted in an old thread & it was not specific of how far down the nail needed to go. I just tried my best to guess by the pictures posted as to where it needed to go.

i remember mine did this until i glued it in, i used crazy glue try using just a dot so u can still remove the nail and if it works glue it permanently

Thank You dynamite. I'll give it another go this weekend.