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Block Heater help!!


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July 20, 2010
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Kamloops, BC
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'91 XL
Does anyone know if 1991 explorers in Canada would have a block heater installed? I have read on here that most have heaters but many just have the cord hung up inside the bumper? Any idea if this many be the case on mine? I have no idea what to look for so maby a picture?

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On my 93, it was hidden behind the battery. Get a flashlight & look around.

move the splash shield on the passengers side wheel well out of the way and look at the side block , you should be able to see the block heater in the side of the block,,

yes you should have one ,,

the circled item is the block heater, should have a cord hanging out of it, follow the cord,, if it is,,


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I vote for Straight up replacement of the cord regardless if it is there. I put a new one in my truck every 3 years, This is 120v we are messing with here, and i really dont feel like having my X kill me in that way, Fireball, carbon-monoxide, seat-belt retractor malfunction ok, but not 120v ac

On my 93 it is on the pass side and it’s the middle freeze plug of the three once you see it you will know it as it has a deferent look then the rest that’s easy to see.

nexis thanks for the link as my cord is missing and I never knew I had a block heater could have used that info when I lived inn Idaho some years back LOL I do have a oil pan heater on mine that some one added its a mat epoxy to the out side of the pan and it works well. Now living in Calif. I have no need for them any more but who knows down the line as I do not see parting ways with this ex any time soon. Heck owned it for 13 years now and may just keep it for good.

Thanks guys. I looked around and found the cable running from the block heater up underneath the battery. Had to take the battery out to reach it. Thanks again