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blower issue


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August 8, 2008
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Monroe, OH
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1993 Eddie Bauer
Hey guys

So when I first picked up my X, the fan only worked on "Hi", and replacing the switch fixed that. However, even on the "Hi" setting, in my opinion its still blowing on low. So for the first gen x's is the fan not that strong? High in my x is not even as strong as the low setting in my mariner. I can't seem to figure it out, should I replace the blower motor? Or is it a resistor issue? The fan does work in all speeds, but its sooooo slow even in high. Thoughts?

Mine is doing the same. I don't think it's a resistor issue since the fan gets full voltage when you select high. The resistor is used for the lower settings. I have a feeling it's the motor that's going bad on mine... I've just been to lazy to replace it.