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Blower Motor Control Module Issues


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May 22, 2014
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Albert Lea, MN
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2000 Explorer Limited
Hey guys

After a particularly hot day last summer the front blower in my 2000 Explorer Limited started working only on the highest setting. I just chose to "live with it" all winter, but finally decided to fix it this past March. I did some searching on this very forum and determined that my Blower Motor Control Module was likely the cause of the issue. I couldn't be bothered to pay the dealership $200+ for this part so I picked one up from Orileys for $85. I installed it and BINGO I now had my blower working again at all speeds, I was thrilled.

But then not even a week later the issue comes back, but this time it's slightly different. Now the blower would run full blast whenever the engine was running, regardless of what anything was set to. Changing from defrost, panel, floor etc. did still redirect the air as it should, and heat and AC both worked great...just the blower would run full blast. Hitting "OFF" on the automatic climate control center would stop the air from coming into the cabin, but I could still hear the blower running full boar even when it should be off.

Frustrated, I went back to Orileys for a refund, but was told they could only do an exchange. So again I swapped the module out (this is really getting frustrating now, this part isn't super easy to get to) and once again the problem was corrected and my HVAC worked as it should. It's ran fine with the second replacement module until this evening when the blower has once again started running full blast any time the engine is running.

I'm inclined to think the modules from Orileys are just crap, but I'm curious if there's something else going on that's causing them to fry so fast? Other than the modules failing everything else with my HVAC works fine. Any ideas?