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blower motor fan control??


July 30, 2005
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birmingham, al
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98 eddie bauer
went into a store today the a/c was working fine, came out and now it won't blow at any speed. most of the problems I've seen have it working at high, it won't work on any setting at any speed, however the rear air does work. its a 98 eddie bauer. is it the blower itself or more liokely the controller, or somthing else altogether??

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According to 96 drawings (all I got), there is a blower relay in aux relay box #2 (front right of engine (under air take). If that relay ain't pulled up, the fan will not work at any speed. The relay is pulled up by the ignition switch thru interior fuse 6 (in 96)... of course your 98 will be a bit different but hopefully you have an equivalent reference or can "poke around".

If that doesn't do it try replacing the blower motor resistor. Mine did the same thing no air at any speed, even high, turned out it was the resistor all along. About a 15 dollar part, 1/2 hour to replace...

wheres the resistor located at?

Its located underneath the blower motor...

cato said:
wheres the resistor located at?

Actually for '98 it's on the front of the blower housing.

For '98, the main blower motor relay is fed from a switched mini fuse #2 (7.5A mini) in the power distribution box and #2 (40A Maxi) in the PDB.

The high speed blower relay trigger wire and main power is piggy-backed on the 40A Maxi fuse, although the relay itself is located in the Aixiliary Relay Box #1.

In other words, check both the relay and the fuse. :)


W0W...what a rip-off. I took it to the stealership today, and they quoted me over $600 to replace the motor and resistor. he then said that most of that was parts, and about 120-130 each. needless to say its coming home and I'll do it myself, he also said that he wasn't sure that would fix it, but was pretty sure.

If I'm going to pay someone good money to diagnose and repair something, they'd damn well better know for sure it'll fix the problem, not just guess and throw parts at it on my tab!!

The resistors are $7, and if you need a new harness (the old one tends to corrode away to nothing) that's another $15 and both are readily available at any dealer. There's two screws that hold it in place..... now that I know what I'm doing, I should be able to replace the harness and resistor pack in an hour easily.

I thought I had pics in my gallery at one time, but I guess not. I need to update it. Shoot me a PM with your e-mail address and I'll see what I can do to dig them up tonight.


gee, it gets even better, so I payed the $82 for their "diagnostic fee". took the truck home, and stopped at O'Reilly's on the way home, picked up a blower motor for $40. on a hunch, I went ahead and plugged it into the harness and guess what? it works fine, no need to change anything else. also come to find out that the "resistor" the dealer spoke of is actually the blower control module.either way it seems to me that for $82 the dealer could have pulled out a multi meter and found out that the blower was getting good power and there was nothing wrong with the module.

Glad you got 'er workin' again.

Just to be safe, did you look closely at the connector to make sure it's not corroded? As you can see from the pics I sent you last night, mine was pretty bad.

Make sure you use some dielectric grease on the connection to seal out any incliment weather.