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Blower motor fan relay blown again! HELP


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October 13, 2010
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Palatine, Illinois
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94 Explorer XLT
Blower motor relay keeps blowing? Fan works fine in all speeds before it blows. I have replaced three in 24 hours. Need your help to single the cause. Its dam cold in Chicago and need the blower to work ASAP.

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Is the issue with the Relay a Relay Coil Issue or a Relay Contact Issue? If the Contact side of the Relay is failing, it is probably due to the Contact Load, (i.e., Intermittent Blower Motor Armature Short). You can insert a Test Lamp in place of the Blower Motor after replacing the Relay to verify.

Sounds like it is grounding out and frying the resistor. If the wire is frayed somewhere it could be touching the body hence why you have gone through 3 in 24 hours. Grab a multimeter and do a continuity test to make sure all the wires are properly connected and then do a resistance test on them all

Make sure the blower motor spins freely and is not sticking. Visually inspect all the wires in the circut. A short, either a cut wire touching the body or the motor stuck will burn the relays up, but you should be blowing a fuse first. You may have to change the blower motor to fix this but make sure everything is in good shape first.

Also Check out the Blower motor fire thread to ensure the blower doesn't have debris stuck inside.


Disassembling the blown relay should give you a hit towards contact or relay coil.

I need some advice on a similar issue. When I bought this Explorer a month ago, the blower worked as expected. About 2 weeks ago, the blower would start working after about 2-3 minutes. Last week, a little longer. Today, it quit. I checked wires and connections and gave up, drove home and started reading up on it. Went out to start diagnostics, and the blower works fine.

It is not heat related. It delays whether the engine is warm or below zero. I'm going to replace the relay as preventative and the fact that it is the easiest cheapest thing to try. My logic is funny that way. Does any of this sound familiar to anyone?

Added: In case it helps anyone in the future, yes, replacing the relay fixed my issue of intermittent blower motor.