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Blower motor resistor/thermal limiter - '94 XLT

Sir Robin

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November 3, 1999
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'94 XLT
Anybody know who sells the blower motor resistor/thermal limiter assembly and as what part number? This would be for a '94 Ex. XLT. I just came back from AutoZone and Advance Auto and they don't carry it. At least they couldn't find a listing for it.
On the part itself it says Motorcraft and E7TH-19A706-AA. Neither place could cross-reference it. Not even the Mototcraft web site has anything like it.

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Whats happening is that the fan works after a cold start on a winter morning. I drive 8 miles to my usual stop to get coffee. When I get back in the car and re-start it, it don't work. It comes back on a few more miles down the highway after things cool off. (I turn the temp slider to cold.)
Seems as if the thermal limiter is cutting out at too low a temperature. The latent heat that builds up after shutting it down brings it above the trip point.

If the fan only works on high then it's that resistor unit.

That's a Ford only part. You'd have to get it from a dealership. They're only like 15 bucks the last time I got one.

I just got the part from a dealer. The number I previously mentioned was superceded by E7TZ-19A706-A. The receipt says List price: $21.13; Sell price: $17.76. The part's description is just "resistor", not that that would have helped at the parts store. Just as mentioned, it seems to be a dealer-only part.
I'll install it in the morning.

was gonna say i got my blower from autozone yesterday installed it today and i got air :) but no more alarm :( DOH