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Blower Motor Stopped Working


July 5, 2008
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1999 Eddie Bauer V8
Please confirm my suspicions. I have a 1999 5.0 Eddie Bauer with Auto Temperature Control. Today my wife texted to let me know that the blower was only working on high or not at all. OK, I figured the Blower Motor Speed Control Module had gone out. I get home and do a few quick searches and see that some folks had luck cleaning the module. So I tried that and put everything back together. Started the truck, the fan blew for about a second and stopped. Now nothing.
I suspect that the motor’s gone now. I rechecked all the connections.

Any thoughts or comments?


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Blower motor, blower motor resistor, or both. Pretty easy fix, just a lot of removal/replacement of stuff. My blower motor went and I figured as long as I was tearing things apart I'd do the resistor also. Got both parts from RA for about $65 shipped.
Video of procedure:

My blower motor quit working a about a year ago.

I smacked it with a small hammer a few times, and it has worked ever since.

Sometimes you have to try the simple way.


If you could determine how to hot wire the motor you could determine if it is good. I am sure their are some posts on here about how to do that if you wanted to try that. The resistor for the EATC is more expensive than the manual control one as you probably know. I tried cleaning one and it worked for a few months but I ended up getting a new one.

Thanks Guys.
I went ahead and bought the new motor and resistor from Advance Auto. Found a coupon code to get $40 off $100 or more. So basically I got the motor free.
I'm gonna swap them out in the morning.

I'm sure you know this, but I wouldn't be so sure about Advance Auto. Since you have EATC(auto climate control) you have a different blower motor controller. The manual climate control has a blower motor resistor and the auto climate control has a blower motor controller. They are 2 different pieces. They mount in the same place and in the same way but they aren't interchangeable. The manual has a couple of wire coils exposed and the auto has a transistor(solid state).

Thanks albi1cnobi1 for the comments and to everyone. I was aware of and did get the correct speed control module. It was $80 at Advance Auto. The motor was $40. I found an online coupon code for $40 of $100, so total out the door tax and all was about $86.
I swapped both out this morning, took about an hour. I highly recommend that you remove the air cleaner housing and unbolt and move the washer fluid/radiator overflow container. Takes about 5 minutes and makes the job a whole lot easier.
Anyway, both new parts are in and we're working again. Kinda surprised me that it seems that both went out almost at the same. I've got 209000 plus miles on her and I don't know if either has ever been replaced.

Thanks to all.

Great! Glad you got it all working. :thumbsup:

Good job! I have found that if you just take your time and be methodical about removal/replacement of parts and assemblies, you can get the job done. And for significantly reduced costs. Plus there are tons of instructional videos on utoob and even the 1AAuto videos are really excellent.