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Blower Motor stops w/ braking, blows w/ accelerating?


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January 14, 2004
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91 sport
Weird problem, maybe someone has had this before? When I brake and come to a stop the blower motor stops soon as I begin to accelerate it blows hard again. Its pretty much ok and blowing while at driving speeds.

I have replaced all three relays under the main big fuse panel, I have replaced the blower motor resistor and cleaned out the leaves. I have even cleaned the contacts for the blower motor and bent them in a bit to grab the connector. I took it out and it spins freely and sounds ok.

Before I replace the whole motor, is there anything else this could be. I hate throwing money at parts like this? Maybe someone has had a similar problem and knows something I dont. Thanks guys.

Try removing the blower motor, hold it up and check for play in the motor's shaft. If it's sliding back and forth due to worn out bearings, the brushes could be coming out of contact with the commutator.

No one else has ever experienced this??