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Blower wont work....i NEED MY A/C!

****atoo said:
in that relay box under the filter i have only 3 relays total, all 3 are the smaller kind. there is 2 right next to each other and then one a few inches away.
The relay in question is in the power dist box, near brake booster

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no, not on the EATC systems. it is on the passenger side fender wall. next to and underneath the reservoirs . it tends to get wet and corrode the wires. its not listed in the manual.

if your speed control works on high and not low, suspect blower motor resistor.

resister is located inside the blower motor compartment. on the side towards the driver side near the bottom of housing.

i have the 95 explorer with EATC

There is no resistor with the EATC. THe The speed controller was located on blower housing lower right side, if you are facing the truck from the front end. A new one from Ford was 160.00. Easy install but a tough place if you have big hands. The wiring harness(plug) is also replaced with one of a different improved style. My EATC would only work on high. Once replaced the problem was solved. I can take some pics of mine and post the part number if needed. The Ford dealer here in Great Falls made the assumption of it being the resistor after being told the first time it had a EATC. So watch out.

My EATC only worked on high speed summer before last. It failed the day before I went on vacation so I had to buy a new EATC speed control module from the dealer for something close to CAN$150. After vacation I was able to troubleshoot and found that the power transistor had failed. Bought a new one for about $12 and soldered it in. Haven't tested it yet.

To reach the module I had to remove the windshield washer resovoir and some other stuff then it was easy to get at.


I have a 95 with the eatc , and mine will not blow while under acceleration.
I read about a controler , where is this ? and is this what controls the speed of the fan under these conditions , is there a way to make it work without throttle input ?
The rear fan runs constant to throttle , so I woud also like to eliminate this front blower problem.

Ashley, I have no idea if replacing the EATC module will fix your problem. My sympton wasn't the fan stopping when I was accelerating. What happened with mine was that the fan wouldn't turn unless I set it on high. I guess that is some kind of fail safe because when the fan is set on high, a relay on the module supplies power to the fan. When a slower fan speed is requested, the current is provided to the fan via the power transistor. Here are some pictures of it... In case it isn't clear, this is located near the passenger side corner of the hood next to the windshield.
Oh... I forgot to mention that besides having to move the windshield washer container out of the way, I had to unbolt the cruise control servo to get acces to the EATC module.

Hard to spot so I outlined it in red.

This is my old one that I repaired (I think - haven't tested it).

Here it is slid out of its housing.

A/C Problems

I have a 98 EB with EATC was working great, but over time it has diminshed. On the Max A/c setting it blows out of the panel and then shifts to defrost vents by itself. Also when on automatic (I keep it at 76) the air blows out luke warm then cold it fluctuates like this the entire time. I thought it was low on freon, but that has been checked and it is full, the rest of the A/C system works fine (when I would set the system to Max A/C the air was blowing out Ice Cold the entire time until the afore mentioned problem). The first problem I described is now leading me to believe that the control unit itself is malfunctioning. What else could cause the unit to shift the from panel to defrost vents when in MAX A/C mode? Any help to avoid dealer diagnoses fees would be greatly appreciated.

Ashley... your problem isn't the speed controller, its a vacuum issue... your probably have a loose hose on the back of your EATC center console area. The vacuum running from the EATC to the vents via a vacuum control motor to open and close vents. I assume when your say "it is blowing" .... you mean that the motor is running but you don't get anything out the front vents... right???

98ebauer... your problem is likely the same problem as described above or a broken / loose a/c vent damper.

also look at the vacuum connections to the vacuum reservoir bottle, The black ball thing in the passenger wheelwell, right behind the park lamp.

98EBauer, your trouble sounds like a blend door problem.
There are many posts on it if you do a search, but look at this link first as someone else has weeded through a bunch of posts about it:
Blend Door Links

Here's a good one:

What I understand is that the door swings to allow more or less hot/cold air through the plenum. There is a hinge point on the door that breaks off and causes grief.


Actually my problem is that the air completely stops , the fan is not blowing , and I feel no air from any vents , while accelerating .
When I let off the gas , the fan comes on full , and the air is ice cold .
The rear system of course works flawlessly , so I just want to drive from the back seat .
I had to replace the blower motor resistor , with the new harness end supplied by Ford , 136.00 my cost , so I know where these parts are located , and I will check the govenor in the picture .

Ashley... thanks for the extra info. I think it helps a bit. I think you have a faulty blower relay. When you accelerate, the "g's" are just enough to make the contacts not contact...:). Have you tried replacing it? The rear blower circuit doesn't go thru that relay.

Would the blend door actuator cause the the air to shift from the panel vents to the defrost vents after a few seconds of being engaged. this also happens when in Auto Mode?

nope... the blend door is only involved in hot / cold manipulation. Other vucuum power motors control other dampers... vent/floor and defrost.

I checked my heat and a/c controls to see if the blend door was stuck, but it switched from A/C to heat with absolutely no problems. Sounds like it may a vacuum problem. I have been reading some other threads and they are leading me in the direction of a vacuum leak. My car also idles a little rough but at the correct RPM.


I've recently replaced the blower relay , with the new harness .
It is my understanding , ( i'm with stupid ) that the front blower motor fan is also speed controlled , meaning that the blower will slow down when accelerating as to take some of the load of the engine ?
I just know I have got to get this fixed , as my wife is on my case .

I don't believe there is that kind of "speed control"... could be wrong.... not being a long time ford owner. Anyways, there is a "wide open throttle" control switch but that switches off your compressor your compressor.... not your fan. The "last test" that you can do is replace your fan relay with a jumper wire.... this will always enable your fan even when your key is off.... so you need to run your test and see the results (ie. your fan should run always run at the selected speed). Then remove the jumper when finished. It will eliminate any problems with the relay.

There is also a "high pressure cutoff switch" but again in the compressor circuit... but perhaps the eatc controller is monitoring this and cutting off the fan... but I don't think so.


thanks bud , I'm going to look into it more this morning

Internet has been down for a week ,
I've done more investigation, and here is what I found.....
When in the heat mode or any other mode other than A/C ....the blower fan works properly, there is no loose connections , and while the vehicle is sitting or under light load , around 40 miles an hour , or in town traffic , a/c works well , since there is light throttle , as soon as you demand more throttle ,,,,,,it quites blowing any air out.
Seems odd that all other functions work properly. any help on this , is always appreciated , the wife does not make a very patient customer when it is over a hundred .

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There are connections from the PCM to the EATC module which are likely related to your issue. The problem is there isn't any information as to what to expect and the user manual (96 in my case) doesn't mention any relationship between acceleration and fan control. It actaully doesn't make sense. There is a relay for cutting out the compressor at WOT but that shouldn't relate to the fan which runs off "battery power". Does you system operate the same in "full manual" versus "automatic"? In full manual, you select the speed and vent location. According to my guide, the EATC controller has an interface that allows Ford service to "query" it for information. A service call might be necessary. Hopefully other EATC guys will jump in to confirm your operation at least. You might want to start your own thread to help identify your problem specifically. Also there is an A/C specific section in "under the hood" which might get more attention.