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blowing fuses


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March 27, 2006
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Auburn, AL
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98 XLT
ok i've got a 12" Brahma with an 800w orion extreme amp. i just recently put it back in the car (its been out for about a year i guess) i have a pioneer head unit, DEH6000...something along those lines. anyway, i wired it all up the exact same way that i had it before, but i blew the main fuse in my power line next to the battery, replaced it. now i've blown both 25A fuses on the amplifier....what's up? I can't figure it out except that it happened right when a big hit came in the song. any help?

Check that the sub is wired so you're only putting a ohm load on the amp that it can handle. Also double check your wiring, both positive, grounds, and speaker wires. Sounds like something is causing the amp to suck too much power when a bass note hits, which blows the fuse.

Another simple thing to rule out is where the power wire passes through the fire wall. Make sure that the insulation is not worn away and the power wire is not touching the body causing it to ground.

thanks for the help, i think it may have been my ground, it was a little loose. if its not that its the amp because i put a grommet on the firewall hole, and the sub is wired properly. thanks guys