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Blown A/C Fuse


June 25, 2006
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Las Vegas, NV
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1994 XLT
Hi Guys,
My '94 Exp has the following problem: Turn on A/C and everything works fine for about 3 minutes then all goes dead. Check the fusebox under dash and a 10 amp fuse is blown. Tried putting in a 20amp fuse for quick diagnostics-it blew just as fast.
Anyone have any thoughts before I have to start tearing things apart?

See fig 30

Your interested, I believe in fuse 9. If you have an ohmeter pull the fuse and check for shorts to ground. If it were me, I'd start at the compressor clutch, followed by the diode, then work backwards.
I'm not sure about your level of experience, ask questions if there's something puzzling or you need a comparison. This should be straightforward.

Once upon a time, long, long ago I acutally was an auto mechanic. I was hoping there was some known, common problem with these vehicles so I wouldn't have to start at square one.
This started a couple of summers ago when the wife was out of state. Blew a fuse, her dad put in a new one. Week or so later the fuse blew again. Put in another and it would blow in a couple of days or couple of weeks. Now it blows inside of a few minutes.
Guess I'll get out the meter...

Amazingly enough, I fixed the problem. The wires from the low pressure switch somehow jammed up against the power steering pump causing an intermittant short. A little electrical tape on the wires and the pump for good measure and she seems to be running great.