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May 7, 2006
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I have a 2002 Explorer XLT that repeatedly blows fuse #21 that controls dash lights and power mirror controls. I use the correct amp fuse (5) each time, but I continue to have this problem...could it be the battery, alternator, or just a relay? Help, Please:(

try using a bigger fuse or see if u have a loose wire sumwhere under the dash

If the fuse keeps blowing right away somewhere the circuit is shorted to ground. The fuse is doing what it's designed to do. Unfortunately it could be a very time consuming repair....basically you would have to inspect all the wiring in the circuits protected by that fuse to find where it's shorted to ground. I'd start with some of the obvious spots like between the driver's door and the body where the wires go through the rubber boot. Then get the door panel off of the driver's door and inspect the wiring inside the door to see if it came loose and has gotten rubbed through. Get a wiring schematic and look to see what wires are on the circuit for that fuse and where they go. I would not recommend using a bigger fuse. The fuse is designed to blow when a direct short to ground occurs....and doing so would defeat the purpose of having the fuse there and could lead to bigger problems.

Thanks for the info. In addition to fuse #21 blowing, we are not able to use the power side mirrors, which are supposedly controlled by fuse #16. Fuse #16 is still intact. Are those two related? Are they possibly on the same relay?
I will check my wires this evening. You guys have given me a new direction to focus on. Thank you.