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Blown Headlights


October 12, 2006
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Wasilla, Alaska
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92 XLT
I've got a 92 Explorer and I went out tonight to drive it and when I turned my headlights on- nothing. They worked on high beam and the parking lights and dash lights worked. Is there a fuse for the headlights? I'm trying to figure out why they both went out at the same time. Also, I changed the headlight switch about 18 months ago. Thanks in advance

I have never seen separate fuses for high and low beam. I would suspect the bulbs or the dimmer switch. unplug one of the lights and test with a volt meter to see if it is the bulb or the dimmer switch.

it sounds like the multi-function switch in the steering collum. my bronco ll had this problem so i put a floor switch in like in the older f series pick ups.