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blown transfer case


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March 17, 2009
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Lyons Falls N.Y.
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Lyons Falls, NY
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2002 Explorer XLT
hey all, blew my transfer case the other day on the lake... so i found a few new on but there upwards of 850 bucks!!! so I'm going to take a trip to the junkyard. my question is what to look for??? I'm unsure of the tcase in mine. its a 99 xlt, sohc, with 4auto,4hi,4low on the dash. any help would be awesome. open for any opinions.

only reason i choose to actually replace the tcase is because of the recent work and parts put into it... ball joints, end links, cv shafts, tie rod ends, new hubs etc...

97-00 explorer transfer cases are the same from 4 door to sport. 5L cases are different. some rangers will work as well if i am not wrong