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I thought it was about time I put one up..

I've got a '97 4.0 SOHC UK spec Explorer..

I bought it in Dec 2005 and the next day all the timing slipped and wrecked one side of the engine!

It was off the road for 6 months while I saved up and found someone who knew how to fix it.

This is how it looked when I got it back:-


After driving it for a while I decided that I didn't like all the chrome on it so got some '99 spec bumpers for it.

I also changed to a slightly newer grille with a darker centre, thought it looked better than the old one.


I then decided I was bored of the rear end and did the '99 rear end swap.. although I managed to bend the rear hatch and it don't sit straight..


I'd also managed to source some leather seats with seperate headrests so that I could install some screens in them for the passengers in the back seats.


I then found an all black front grille and some tear drop alloys to replace the chrome 3 spokes..



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The new alloys came with part worn tyres.. they lasted a year before they needed changing.. So I bought a set of 265/75/16 Grizzly Claws


I've also had the windows tinted and this is how it looks for the time being


Future plans include:-

3" bodylift
4" suspension lift
35" tyres
Brake upgrade
decent exhaust system
front bars
side steps
some decent spot lights on the roof and front bars
and if I can save up enough a supercharger..


I painted the inserts on the wheels black with some enamel paint..


and this is how they look on the Explorer



NIce work mate- I want a lift kit also, Just dont want to pay the shipping from the States- That more than doubles the price! Nice if I coulf buy a present to be delivered wrapped in xmas paper eh? At least avoid the duty rip off charges!

Those tires look pretty mean on there, overall pretty sweet! You could do a quick TT/shackle lift just to push it up a little until you get some serious lift on it.

All the mods are being put on hold now till I emigrate.... it's going with me!


congrads on being elite

Just done shackles/TT this afternoon...





I'm pleased and think it looks better now...


Great pics!! Nice to see guys across the pond rockin' the NA SUV's!!!

BTW- your steering wheel is on the wrong side!!! ;)

Well, this afternoon I tried to get the sub working.....

My amp kept tripping out, so I added 2 Pioneer 12" 600w subs on to it and that stopped the problem... so now, I've got a 10" MTX sub and 2 Pioneer 12" subs in a box...



Sounds pretty good...


I decided to turn the subs around and take a little video of it all working...



I didn't like the stripes and badges on my Explorer so I set about removing them...

I'm very pleased with the results....








Nice work, looks slick. I love your truck man, it looks great. Do you have any plans to kill the orange in your tails? I think that would look killer. I tinted mine to totally remove the orange.

Thanks man....

I'm thinking about that black tint spray stuff... but tbh I'd like to get some smoked tails when the cash allows and some black halos up front...

but I'm trying to emigrate to Canada right now, so cash is a little tight... once I'm over there though, it's coming with me!


ummmm why is the front plate white and the rear plate yellow?

and u are bring an extra rear bumper when come to Canada right? :D

not sure why the plates are different colours... and I'll bring the bumper to Canada... you can come and collect it though... and while you're here help me fit a lift kit!! haha


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I like your ex and what ya done with it.