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Blueka's "Pickle" Registry....

Since 2005 when I bought "Betty", my UK Explorer, I've wanted a sport...

well, now that I live in Canada, the chance has presented itself for me to get one...

This one.... it's a 99 sport, 4.0 SOHC... it's a total write off for the moment... but when I saw the advert on Kijiji I couldn't say no. It needed some love and I wanted a project to get stuck into, so I did my research and found out how much parts are gonna cost me etc etc.

So. I present.. Pickle.. (cos it's green and in a right mess)

Explorer vin x.jpg
Explorer vin E 2.jpg
Explorer vin E.jpg
Explorer vin E 1.jpg

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This is a labour of love more than anything I think.... I just want it to have all the toys but look like it was bought like that originally... It'll be awesome when it's all finished... it'll just take some time...


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so, I've decided that the carpet in Pickle is horrible n crappy... so I'm going to take the 4dr carpet from Rolly, clean it up and then put the one from Pickle on top, and cut to fit the one from Rolly, is that a feasible idea?


I don't see why it wouldn't work. After browsing through your thread I'm sure you could over come any issues that may arise. There's something about Sports that just make you smile.

Keep it up sir!

Thanks... I've gotta get Rolly out of the shop this week, then get Tankerbell through her safety inspection, then I can concentrate on getting some work done on Pickle... it's a busy week....


Pickle's going grey!!

Well, Rolly is no more, I've pretty much finished working on Tankerbell so, I thought I'd get some parts together to do some work on Pickle...

I managed to score this from Specialized7

and I also got all this

Because the front seats are dark graphite grey, I went to the JY and got matching roof liner, rear carpet, interior trim panels and seatbelts.

So, While the interior is out and getting swapped over, I decided it would be easier to fit a bodylift, so I've just ordered one.

I'll also be swapping the wiring looms over from Rolly so I've got all the toys and then I'll just have to put in the appropriate engine/trans and it'll be mobile...

Also to be fitted is a 4 leaf rear spring pack.. I'm so excited...


Cool Si. Bloody hell mate, you're not stuffing around are you? Looking forward to the pic's of the new lift, interior, nudge bar and the rest!

Thanks.. I just measured up the seat bases to make sure the new ones will fit before I sell the old ones....


Today I took out the old driver's seat and test fitted the new seat... I also put a battery on it and everything works!!!



Sweet as, you had me abit worried with the old '.....' at the end of your last post, mate.

I'm really happy, can't wait to get her in the shop next week, rewire her and change it all over... getting excited.... also might have a lead on a V8 donor too... finger's crossed...


Well, this weekend I finally got Pickle into the shop, I removed all the plastic interior trim panels and installed the 4 door rear leaf spring packs... Before I started, I measured the height of the rear arches and they came in at 31.5" each side... then after fitting the rear leafs and new tires (255/75/16's) they came up to 35" each side...

Before I emptied her out

I then started to fit my PA883 bodylift kit

Halfway through...


And finished...


I encountered a little problem while fitting the BL, 2 of the bolts won't tighten up flush like they should, resulting in stripped bolts.

Should I replace the body bushings or just buy slightly shorter bolts? It's the one behind the driver's seat and the one behind that...

I've still got to do the bumper brackets and I've also got to remove the dash and roof lining, rewire it all and then put it all back together ready for the donor which should be arriving next weekend!! fingers crossed

And the rear arches are now sitting at 38" from the shop floor!! nice!

Sweet, shorter bolt's would do the trick ay? I wouldn't replace the body bushing's unless you were doing all of them. Awesome job mate. She's looking bloody fantastic!!!

I'm really not sure what to do for the best.. It's gotta pass a safety and it won't with missing bolts..
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Progress Report

I've done the BL pucks and totally rewired the whole truck (except for the fuel tank wiring, but that's next) all the new plastics are in along with the new dash and new roof lining... and the V8 donor is arriving Saturday evening!!

All the control boxes in the rear

Factory sub

New Roof Lining and Plastics



New Dashboard

I had to make a hole in the driver's door card so that I could fit the switch for the memory seats (it's slightly wonky, but will do till I can find another door card)

The dashboard was a PITA the get back in mainly due to the windshield being all caved in, but Sarah gave me a huge hand and we got it in, all wired up and everything put back where it's meant to be. I also installed the metallic radio surround found in a 01-03 Sport. Can't wait till next week, should be all up n running!


Nice work Simon, lookin good.

Damn! you should do that for a living :D
Good work Si!

all the electrical and such has been powered up and tested and working proper ?

Damn, you have been busy. I haven't seen your registry in a while, all new interior almost done, and the lift. Keep up the good work.

Will your new power memory seats still flip up to allow passengers easy access to the rear seats?

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I'll be testing the electrics when I get up, was gonna do it tonight, but Sarah had to goto hospital, so it got put on the back burner...

Managed to get the front seats, centre console, carpet and everything else sorted out before supper though, the only thing I've got left to do interior-wise is find some rear seats to match, put in the rear carpet, door surround plastics and I'll be done...

Sorry about the dark pictures.. I'll get some better ones in the daylight..