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Blue's 91 XLT

Hello, this is my new to me 91 xlt. i just got it from a friend who has had it for years and just got a new truck, he needed space in his driveway and i needed a vehicle and it was one of the two vehicles i was thinking about getting, (an explorer or a blazer were on the top of my wish list) and so i bought it for 300$. Of course, with any 22 year old vehicle you buy for 300$, it has lots of little problems, but i still love it anyway.
Almost ran into his new truck trying to turn around in his tiny driveway on the way out after i bought it hehe.

Future plans includetrying to restore it as much as possible, this wont be hard inside, as the interior is almost mint aside from a small tear in the drivers seat leather, but i have to fix the rear shocks eventually, fix the tail lights, and some cosmetic stuff like minor rust and the dissapearing clear coat.
I plan to get larger tires, probably 31's. New or different leafs in back, maybe an f150 leaf pack, and manual hubs for the 4wd, along with some custom cosmetic upgrades like running boards and maybe a brush guard.

This will be a long project for me as money is and will be pretty tight for quite a while. and at first my priority is just getting it to respectable shape mechanically.




that is how it sits right now, i hope to improve it as much as i can, it has about 156k miles right now, my goal is to go to at least 350k.

any changes i make i will post on this thread as well

enjoy. thanks!

EDIT: The image site i originally used to host my earlier pics decided to delete all my photos because they started requiring a paid account to host on their site. My normal computer with all the pics on it currently does not have a charger that will work, so once i get a new charger i will repost all of the missing pictures if i can. you can see the basic progression though, just missing some of the pics on the first 2 pages. all the cool stuff is on the 2nd and 3rd pages anyways, but i'll repost the pics as soon as i can. thanks!

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Leaf spring shackles are finished but i cant seem to find any 14mm bolts for them yet, need to go to a leaf spring shop in town but its like an hour and a half drive each way so it may be a while. also threw the summer tires back on so hopefully that will help my absolutely terrible gas mileage a little bit.

How do ya like these puppies!


wow this camera makes those things BRIGHT they arent that bad but deff noticable, still havent found the right 14mm bolts for them yet tho.
the welds arent the prettiest but deffinitely strong.

went up on some logging trails today and did a little offroading, didnt get any goo pics of the actual rough trail i went on but there was plenty of spots that were tricky for a stock ex. anyways pics!




one of my favorites:

ignore the missing grille, i took it off to help with my next build project.

So, i got some new stuff:

i have waited and waited for months for my one local junkyard to get a truck with those tow hooks, finally i found them when i went to go get a new hood latch assembly (which ti turned out i didnt need) so i got the hooks and hardare. the 130amp alternatore i got on the last trip, still havent installed it though.

new grille, brush guard repainted

I have a thread for the grille already but i figured this should go in my registry too.
i repainted my brush guard that i did a poor job painting the first time and it was getting a lot of surface rust.
grille is all custom, all my own design, unlike usual my school shop teacher didnt decide to frig around with my designs any like he usually does haha. I think it came out really good.




double curve/convex shape is not easy with expanded steel, i was very happy when it came out as well as it did.

got the subs installed today, spent 60 bucks on wiring and it was worth the 4 hours it took to wire everything up (sounds like a lot but there was a lot of figuring to roiute the wires since i cant get to half the interior (rear driver door stuck closed, from inside or out) but it came out pretty well i think.


i can still fit the lawn mower in back too which was nessisary since i mow a few lawns and need to be able to transport it.
oh and please ignore the messy carpet, lawnmower leaves a lot of grass clippings on it and its difficult to get out of the carpet because our vaccume cleaner doesn't suck lol.

new parts came in, hoping to put them in next weekend (unfortunately im working all this weekend so they have to wait.

also going to put in my new old-but-unused brake pads in front since im going to have to take the brakes apart anyway to get to the spindle seals and ball joints. Also putting in those new stock size variable rate coil springs.

Awesome progress!

Awesome progress!

Hey, thanks! I don't get many replies on here so it's nice to get one (especially that's positive) It's nice to know people notice it at least. Though the fun part of the build is yet to come, once i get the welder this fall and gas for my dad's torch i plan to start working on fabbing up all the needed drop brackets and radius arms and such to lift the front 2-2.5" and get an add-a-leaf and bolts for the shackles. A guy at work might be selling me a set of decent 32" tires, though they are a bit wider than i wanted and 2 don't have much tread left. its a start though!

That grill turned out great. I like it!

Thanks! I really like it too, i plan to modify it a little bit eventually though to make it blend a little better with the headlight bezels.

so a little update, got ball joints and spindle seals changed on the passenger side (didnt have time for driver side) so the alignment is better (not perfect yet, im thinking the coils will fix it) and mo more pop sounds going over bumps, the lower ball joint was BAD, just rust inside. doing driver side sometime this week and putting new front brake pads on both sides.

painted coil springs the same blue i painted the shackles just because.

also my big achievment today, finally got the leaf springs off of the 87 f150 at my house that i have wanted for months, took all day, that junk is RUSTED. no air tools so lots of PB Blaster and propane torch and double wrenching, i basically unbolted the U bolts the same way you row a boat, worked good i guess. those will be cleaned up and repainted and wait until i get the coil springs in to install them on the explorer, should match the front hight plus half an inch. it should be pretty noticable and a good improvement so im very exited for it. sorry i dotn have any pics so this isnt a particularly exiting post haha, pics tomorow after i clean them up probably.

okay so now both sides up front have new ball joints, spindle hub seals, and brake pads, the driver side has a new wheel seal which was not working and letting water into the wheel bearings and rotor. repacked all bearings with new grease, repacked balljoints and tierod ends with grease, next maintenance repair is probably all new rear drum brakes, shoes, and outer drums, woo. lol

still working on cleaning the leaf springs up a bit but they shoudl go in with the new front coils before too long.

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FINALLY an update that that is actually going along with my original plans somewhat! lol
so i finally installed my rear leaf spring shackles, as well as those coil springs i bought, and over all im very happy with the setup. over all front and back i only netted about 3/4 of an inch, but the difference is pretty noticable at least to me, and the ride and handling is way better. pics





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