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Bluetooth is all screwy


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July 24, 2011
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Shelton, CT
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2013 Limited(lemon swap)
Since the MFT upgrade, I've only had 1 issue, and that was a crash and restart of the system with the "performing maintenance" screen.

However, now my bluetooth isn't working properly. It will pair, but sometimes I get "pairing failed" as soon as I initiate an attempt to pair. If I do succeed in pairing the phone, it won't connect after shutting the car off and coming back to it later.

Also, it no longer broadcasts "Sync" as it's name, the picture below is what shows up on my phone.

I guess it's time for a battery pull, but I wanted to know if anyone else ever saw anything like this.


Ok, so I pulled the battery. I didn't know there was a quick connect on the positive terminal to quickly reboot the MFT system. Much easier than unscrewing the nut on the negative terminal.

Anyway, the phone quickly connected to the car after starting it, and had the correct ID on the phone for the connection.


hmm... didn't know about the battery quick connect. I'll have to try that next time.

Anyway, your problem was a known problem on 2.11 of the software and gets resolved by what you just did - battery or fuse pull.