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Bluetooth Media Indexing


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October 28, 2011
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Columbus, Oh
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2012 Ex XLT 4x4 (205a)NAV
I searched the forums but couldn't find the answer to this...

While my phone is connected through bluetooth I cannot use voice commands to play specific songs, artists, etc... off my phone. It only allows me to use "play", "next", "previous" "pause." I've gone into Sync and enabled all of the media indexing options which should index the songs on my phone... When I try to start the indexing process it doesn't do anything.

Is it possible to do song indexing via bluetooth? If so, maybe my phone doesn't support it? I have a brand new Droid Bionic and the song indexing works fine while connected via USB and it allows me to say "play" "artist name" or a specific song. Thanks

Funny, I just noticed this yesterday. While playing a song off a USB device, I pressed the "options" button where it brought up a Media Player Settings screen. There was a "Index Bluetooth Device" (or something similar), so I'm guessing this needs to be done?

I was a little cautious to do it because of how much music I've got on my iPhone, but I'll give it a try at some point.