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BMXking's Axle Swap 1st gen. Coils/Radius Arms!!!

Well, I finally decided to start a thread on it. For those of you who don't know, I will be doing a full-width swap. High-Pinion Dana 44 front and Ford 9" rear. I am still looking for the HP D44, but I picked up the 9" Monday. I have never really done a lot of work on axles, so this will definitely be a long process, but I have already done a lot of research about this(and am still learning a TON). I plan on doing as much of it myself as I possibly can, but will have a shop do the regear for me.

-1977 F-150 HP D44 Full-Width $200 - Moved Forward ~1.5”
-Myers Machine Coil Seats $40 shipped
-6* Pro Comp Pinion shims under coil buckets (to fix coil angle) $18
-CAGE Offroad 5.5” Coil Springs $150 shipped
-Coil Buckets Spaced Out 2.5" (3/16" x 2.5" x 6.5") $FREE
-Bronco Graveyard 78-79 Coil Spring Tower, Pair $90.80 shipped
-F250 Shock Towers $28 shipped
-Stock Axle Shafts(for now) $FREE
-Warn Premium Hubs $72
-Extended, Plated, Heimed, Wristed 1978-1979 Bronco/F-150 Radius Arms $222 shipped
-CAGE Radius Arm Mounts $FREE w/ R/A's
-Adjustable Superlift (p/n 1080) track bar (76-79 Ford f150/78-79 Bronco) w/ Energy Suspension poly bushings $125
-Skyjacker Stainless Steel Braided Lines for lifted D35 TTB's $90
-Bronco Graveyard 66-75 Early Bronco Adj. Bracket $45
-New F150 tie-rods & stock Explorer drag link (w/ red poly dust boots) $121
-Stock pitman arm $FREE
-Raybestos Professional Grade $19.95 shipped
-Powerslot slotted rotors $120
-Rebuilt Calipers $26
-Completely rebuilt (seals/bearings/ball joints/u-joints/etc.) $260.23
-Energy Suspension Red 7* C-Bushings $21
-Stock Explorer D-shaft w/ 1310 D44 pinion yoke for stock Explorer u-joints $FREE
-Rancho RS5000 shocks $20
-Bronco Graveyard Upper Coil Spring Retainers $22
-Rancho RS5000 steering stabilizer w/ custom bracket $25

-1983 Ford 9" $85
-Rubicon Express Anti-Wrap perches welded SOA $35
-Wild Horses Weld-On Shock Mounts $15
-Stock Springs w/ AAL and red rear poly bushings $10
-Stock Axle shafts w/ new bearings, seals, collars, etc $140
-94-99 Dodge Ram 1500 front rotors $58 shipped
-'76 Cadallic Eldorado Calipers w/ e-brake $155 w/ core calipers
-'78 F150 Extended Stainless Steel Braided Rear Brake Hose $45.34
-Custom Bent Brake Lines (w/ 3/8" ends) $8
-'79 Caddy Eldorado Brake Line end box thing $FREE
-7/16" Banjo Bolt for '76 calipers $5
-Bendix Brake Pads $35
-Speedway Motors GM Large Caliper bracket (7" mounting points) $40 2-day shipped
-Cut off mounting points from Ford 9" drums to use as spacers for the disc conversion (no longer a backing plate behind the shaft) $FREE
-Third Member from eBay (4.88s, mini spool) $150
-BC Broncos Disc Brake Conversion Wheel Studs $15
-Wild Horses Super Duty U-bolt Kits $60
-Extended/balanced rear driveshaft w/ stock 1310 to match the 1310 on the axle $123.63
-Skyjacker Nitro 8000 shocks for 2" lift Explorer $FREE
-Copper Third Member Washers $12.24

-37x12.50-16 Maxxis Creepy Crawlers $400.00

WHEELS (5 on 5.5)
-16x8 Black Rock Crawlers $293

Grade 8 Hardware: $200

Tig Welding: $200

Parts Sold
-Stock Third Member w/ 3.50s and open diff -$50
-Lower Coil Mounts -$25
-Stock Radius Arms -$25
-31x10.50 Dunlop Mud Rovers, 15x8 black rock crawler wheels, Skyjacker 2” lift coils, drop-in K&N, front Skyjacker Nitro 8k shocks, Dual CB Antenna Mounts/Coax, and 235/75r15 spare tire, APC Ultra-White Bulbs, Radius Arm Bushings, Sway Bar Bushings -$415
-Ford 8.8 - 3.27 gears, 31 spline, stock limited slip, drum brakes, SUA, great condition. -$70
-Front Axle Shafts -$60

TOTAL: $3156.24

Future Upgrades:
Dana 44 -
-30 spline ARB
-Yukon 4.88s
-Warn Chromoly Inner and Outer Shafts, Moser Max 44 shafts, or Superior Axles
-Dedenbear flat top knuckles
-Blue Torch Fabworks Hi-Steer Arms
-Rancho RS9000X adj. shocks
-Late 70s T-Bird calipers (1/4" bigger piston, and still use Bronco pads :thumbsup: )

Ford 9" -
-New Strange Nodular Iron Case w/ 3.250 carrier bearing (STR-N1906) $359 Summit Racing
-Moser Spool and Axle Package Number 1 (ASP1) - 35 spline full steel spool for 3.250 case, 35 spline custom alloy axles, Axle bearings, 5 on 5.5, 1/2" studs $590 Moser Engineering
-Yukon 4.88s (F9-486) $139 PORC
-Daytona Pinion Support 3.250 case (STR-N1914) $115 Summit Racing
-R&P Master Install Kit for 9" Ford-3.250 Case, Daytona Pinion Support(R9FDD) $100 Moser Engineering
-Pinion Yoke 1310 - 28spline pinion (may upgrade to 1350 if I get a new t-case) (PY210) $90 Moser Engineering
-Axle Breather Vent $12 Bronco Graveyard
-Axle Truss
-Rancho RS9000X adj. shocks
-94-02 Dodge Ram 4x4 Powerslot Slotted Rotors

Now on to the pics!


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last 2


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Thanks. Yeah, I built all of this stuff myself at the shop.

hey bryan what you doing with all of your interior ???

Keeping everything minus carpet. I'm pulling off all the side panels tomorrow and running all the wires for my amps behind them. I'm gonna leave them off so it can line-xed under them and then I'll put everything back in except carpet.

Also, Reid Racing knuckles and BTF arms should be here sometime next week!

kool kool , do you know anybody with a set of 33"s for sale ??

No, not that I can think of.

Finally got around to doing the new steering setup. Pics coming soon...1.5" DOM .25" wall steering links, heims from BTF, drop pitman arm, Reid racing pass. side knuckle and BTF arms drilled for 4th hi steer stud, HD Balljoints with some camber adjuster sleeves so I can finally align it all properly, 1.5"x.25" DOM track bar w/ poly bushing on bottom and heim on top from Ballistic Fab. I relocated the lower steering link to the top of the knuckle stock TRE mount. My drag link angle is almost completely straight now, so I had to rebuild the track bar brackets. I built a much higher lower track bar mount and lowered the track bar a couple of holes on the upper mount, and then reinforced/finished up the upper track bar.

In the middle of changing the lower intake gasket right now, and in the process of building a new battery tray while I'm at it. I'm also probably going to cut off the bottom of the engine crossmember and plate the bottom of it to get some more up travel clearance.

Bryan , whats up dude !!!

Almost got the motor back together but forgot to get some new fuel injector o-rings, so I'm getting those tomorrow and throwing it all back together. But I did get it ready for the front bumper I'm gonna build. It's going to look similar to froader's bumper but I'm going to finish off the sides/under headlights with some 1/4" plate. The bottom of the grille and front trim will be cut out to fit the winch very close to the vehicle. The new bumper shouldn't end up sticking out anymore from the vehicle than the stocker so I should have a pretty damn good approach angle. Hopefully I can get started on it tomorrow after I finish the motor.


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2 more pics


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Looking very good as always. Glad to see some with a nasty engine bay like mine. I cant keep it clean. Well i dont even try.

I loved pulling my carpet out. I have the cargo area sprayed with liner and need to finsh the rest. Its nice just to get in and not worry about the carpet getting dirty

Looks good haven't looked at your post in a while!! Question for ya, I'm having to eventually redo my entire trac bar set up.. did you have to hack the engine crossmember? Think you have more suspension lift than my ranger does...

I cut off about 1 inch on the driver front corner of the engine crossmember with my original setup but didn't have to trim any more with the current brackets/track bar/angle.

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I cut off about 1 inch on the driver front corner of the engine crossmember with my original setup but didn't have to trim any more with the current brackets/track bar/angle.

Actually, the other day I had it flexed out on our rock garden and saw the trac bar contacting the engine crossmember so I ended up chopping about 2.5" all the way across from the front lip of the crossmember. Might strengthen it up later on.

A little you can see the SSRs are about shot. I ended up getting a new set of Nitto Mud Grapplers. 37x13.50r17.

About done with the front bumper minus winch and d-rings. Turned out pretty good. Used a poison spyder stinger from a TJ and added onto it.

Lastly, the rear currently has a fozzy locker which has been working awesome in the 9". I'd heard of some possible issues (such as cracking the carrier, which I did twice with the mini spools) but have yet to have any problems because of the fact that it has 4 spiders compared to 2 (less stress on each gear to cause problems) and 2 cross shafts compared to 1. I'm a little skeptical about doing this to the front though since it has 2 spiders and a more open carrier so if I did have any breakage issues, they'd mess up my new yukon gears. I'm probably going to just lincoln lock the front for now since it would probably be stronger. Hopefully I can do that this weekend.

I'll try to post pics soon of the changes, and post up some pics of the exploder on top of some hondas that we had left over from a car crush at our annual car show:cool: