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BMXking's Truck

I can finally post my truck here!!! :bounce:

This is what it looked like when my parents bought it in the spring of '03.

1993 Ford Explorer Sport 4x4 - 125k miles, 5 spd. trans, loaded (except for leather seats) $2000

Here are the mods:
-Panasonic Head Unit $100
-Boston Acoustics Speakers $100
-Painted the Orange Stripe Black $FREE
-Custom Magnaflow Cat-Back Exhaust $210
-Husky Cargo Mat $50
-New Dark Green Paint Job $550
-Neoprene Seat Covers $25
-Throttle Cable Mod $FREE
-Brushed Aluminum Gauge Overlay $10
-Diamond Headlights, Clear Corners & Side Markers $125
-Sylvania Silverstars $40
-Heavy-Duty Flasher for Towing $5
-Diamond Plate Door Sill Protectors $FREE
-Skyjacker Nitro8000 shocks w/ Poly Bushings in rear $80
-Steel Center Arm Rest Bracket $25
-New Fender Flares from Mazda Navajo $60
-Pro Comp Tow Hooks in front $10
-Keeper 20' Recovery Strap $15
-Serious Explorations stickers $10
-Removed Front and Rear Sway Bar $FREE
-Cobra 19 DX III Mobile CB $15
-Wilson "Little Wil" Antenna w/ 3ft. whip $25
-PA Speaker $5
-Receiver Shackle $25
-New Ford Steering Box $90
-Extended Diff. & T-case Vent Tubes to Engine Compartment $10
-Hi-Lift 48" Cast & Steel Jack w/ Hi-Lift poly jack strap $10
-K&N Breather on Top of Diff/Tranny Vent Tubes $FREE
-Sliders(.120 wall, 1.5" DOM) $250
-K&N Air Filter In Basement(For the Snorkel in the Future)
-KKM Intake $25
-Yakima Cross Bars $20
-S-hooks (To pull back inner fender) $FREE
-Optima Red Top Battery $110
-Hurst Short Throw Shifter $200
-Hard Mounted Fire Extinguisher (ABC) $10
-Centerforce Dual Friction Clutch w/ new Ford parts throughout $350
-Hella 500's on front bumper $50
-Cargo Box for Offroad Acc. $40
-Hard Mounted Camo Maglite $20
-Autovation 4x4 pedals $50
-37x12.50r16 Maxxis Creepy Crawlers $400.00
-16x8 5 on 5.5 4.25 backspacing Black Rock Crawlers $293
-Gutted Catalytic convertors$FREE
-New Flywheel, pilot bearing, and master cylinder $150
-Draw-tite tube hitch & 11" drop ball mount :eek: $130
-Q-Form Kick Panels $25
-Pyle Back-Up Camera $80
-Pyle Flip Out DVD player $400

-1977 F-150 HP D44 Full-Width $200 - Moved Forward ~1.5”
-Myers Machine Coil Seats $40 shipped
-6* Pro Comp Pinion shims under coil buckets (to fix coil angle) $18
-CAGE Offroad 5.5” Coil Springs $150 shipped
-Coil Buckets Spaced Out 2.5" (3/16" x 2.5" x 6.5") $FREE
-Bronco Graveyard 78-79 Coil Spring Tower, Pair $90.80 shipped
-F250 Shock Towers $28 shipped
-Stock Axle Shafts(for now) $FREE
-Warn Premium Hubs $72
-Extended, Plated, Heimed, Wristed 1978-1979 Bronco/F-150 Radius Arms $222 shipped
-CAGE Radius Arm Mounts $FREE w/ R/A's
-Stock F150 trac bar with Energy Suspension poly bushings $5
-Skyjacker Stainless Steel Braided Lines for lifted D35 TTB's $90
-Bronco Graveyard 66-75 Early Bronco Adj. Bracket $45
-New F150 tie-rods & stock Explorer drag link (w/ red poly dust boots) $121
-Stock pitman arm $FREE
-Raybestos Professional Grade $19.95 shipped, Powerslot slotted rotors $120
-Completely rebuilt (seals/bearings/ball joints/u-joints/etc.) $200
-Energy Suspension Red 7* C-Bushings $22
-Stock Explorer D-shaft w/ 1310 D44 pinion yoke for stock Explorer u-joints $FREE
-Rancho RS5000 shocks $20

-1983 Ford 9" $85
-Rubicon Express Anti-Wrap perches welded SOA $35
-Wild Horses Weld-On Shock Mounts $15
-Stock Springs w/ AAL $FREE
-Stock Axle shafts $FREE
-94-99 Dodge Ram 1500 front rotors $58 shipped
-'76 Cadallic Eldorado Calipers w/ e-brake $150 w/ core calipers
-'78 F150 Extended Stainless Steel Braided Rear Brake Hose $45.34
-Custom Bent Brake Lines (w/ 3/8" ends) $8
-'79 Caddy Eldorado Brake Line end box thing $FREE
-7/16" Banjo Bolt for '76 calipers $5
-Speedway Motors GM Large Caliper bracket (7" mounting points) $40 2-day shipped
-Cut off mounting points from Ford 9" drums to use as spacers for the disc conversion (no longer a backing plate behind the shaft) $FREE
-Third Member from eBay (4.88s, mini spool) $150
-BC Broncos Disc Brake Conversion Wheel Studs $15
-Wild Horses Super Duty U-bolt Kits $60
-Extended/balanced rear driveshaft w/ stock 1310 to match the 1310 on the axle $123.63
-Skyjacker Nitro 8000 shocks for 2" lift Explorer $FREE

TOTAL: $8431.77

Future Plans:
-Custom Front Winch Bumper w/ light mounts, d-rings
-Custom Swing-Out Tire Carrier Bumper w/ hitch, reverse lights, CB antenna, d-rings
-Roll Cage
-Tube Doors
-Rebuild transmission
-Rebuilt manual t-case swap
-Rear Buckets, Sparco's up front
-BBK throttle body
-Hi-steer conversion with Dedenbear knuckles, DOM tubing, and Chevy TRE's
-Regear front to Yukon 4.88s with ARB
-Warn Chromoly Shafts up front
-Moser 35 spline in the rear
-Nodular third member with Yukon 4.88s and 35 spline ARB
-single Magnaflow hi-flow catalytic converter
-Darkest legal window tint

This is what it looks like now:



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I put it on the top for many reasons.
1. When it's on the top, it will still disconnect it from the axle (obviously)
2. Easier for me to get to if it's muddy(I can reach in from wheel well).
And the main reason is
3. I don't have to strap anything. I tried it out on the lower sway bar mount and with the extra weight of the end links on them, the sway bar would fall down if it wasn't strapped or bungied. When I tried it with the top disco'ed it would stay in place much better and didn't sag as with the other setup.

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how do you like those tires? i was think about gettin those or the kumho venture MTs (cost reasons).. good lookin truck

Thanks. I think the tires are really good, especially for the money. I only have about 7000-8000 miles on them but they have just a slight amount of wear and do awesome on both the street and in the mud. Just ask j602. He just bought his second set, so he obviously likes them too.

Just wanted to say that I think your truck is sick, can't wait to see the SAS...also, are you going to shorten your axels or run full width?

Great looking Sport Bryan! :thumbsup:

Jeff - :navajo:

Next time yall go FRoadin around GA, hit me up and I'll ride shotgun. I'll be honest though, I don't know jack about tieing up straps and winching though :D

Con Seann3ry-Thanks for the compliments. I have finally made up my mind (I think ;)) and I will be going full width. It will be a slow build up($$, etc.) but it will be worth it. I am going to pick up the Ford 9" tomorrow. :bounce:

SVO-Thanks for the compliment as well. I really, really, really like your Navajo! :D

Beau-I remember a while back you said you were cruisin' the streets of UGA checkin out the girls. Next time you go, let me know and I'll ride shotgun ;) Hopefully we will get a run together for this summer. I'll let you know and you can ride shotgun.

hey bryan that thing looks good with the sliders on it. keep it up. im gonna have to start catching up with you on mods

Thanks Bruce. Like I said on Saturday, let me know when you Navajo gets back and we can go wheel somewhere. I just started talking to "wheelin42001"(he lives in GA) and he has just recently bought Coda's SAS'ed Ranger. It appears to be a pretty nice truck, just needs a little bit more work. He said that when he gets it fixed up it will be a trail rig so that would be cool. :cool: Hopefully he'll be interested in going somewhere this summer too.

Thanks Colin :)

let me know too if yall get a trip up ill go as well. Nice X too id like to see it in person.
Other than mine being a 2nd gen. it bascially looks like ur twin :D . I have based my X around urs kinda as for gettin ideas on what id like to do and stuff. My next thing will def be black wheels bc i like how they look on ur X.

Thanks Mcane. Where is Carrollton in GA? Is it in middle GA or what? XplorerKid wants us to wheel somwhere in middle GA so he(FL) and j602(AL) can go. There is a place called River Rock around Milledgeville. They have mild trails(I've heard) all the way to extreme trails(6 Heeps went, 6 Heeps broke ;)). I'll let you know. I should probably just start a thread soon.

West GA on the AL line. Ever heard of West Ga College? Thats where im at. Just let me know

BMXKing, that place aroung Milledgeville is supposed to be bada$$. Its for fourwheelers and trucks alike. Ive heard of a bunch of people that wheel their old CJ's up there on the weekends and they love it. Let me know when yall wanna go.

Gotten a decent amount done lately. I have gotten the rear axle for the full width swap and have begun tearing it down:

The previous owner was cleaning his garage and found the cargo cover. He gave me that and the one from his old X. Also in the second pic is a shift boot from an 88 D**ge transfer case. It was FREE! I hope to be able to use that for mine and then it will match the Hurst whenever I get that.

Last time I was offroad, I stuffed the front tire into the wheel well(w/o sway bar) and then had to turn to get out the ditch I was in. I wasn't able to turn the wheel at ALL. I used a dremel to make a hole in the bottom of the inner fender well and got an S-hook from Home Depot. I put the S-hook in the hole of the well and the hole that was already there. This helped to pull the inner fender a bit back to give me some added clearance.


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My battery died yesterday so I decided to replace it with a brand new Optima Red Top (to help power the winch and lights in the future :thumbsup: ) I also got a chance to clean my engine for the most part. The last pic shows it mostly clean with the Optima, but I cleaned the rest after that pic.


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Little bit of an update. Just now ordered a Hurst short shifter...should be here Tuesday or Wednesday. Then all the money is going towards getting an HP Dana 44. :bounce:

Got the Hurst Short Throw Shifter installed on Tuesday. It is awesome!!!!!! I actually have room for a gatorade bottle in the cup holder, with room to spare, where as before I couldn't even fit a coke can. :D Also got an ABC fire extinguisher that is about to get installed. Pics of both later on. :)

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I got a chance to paint the door trim and hatch trim things. Everything else on the outside of the truck has been repainted, so I figured this was the only thing left. :thumbsup: The first pic is the before, and the other two are the afters.


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