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BMXking's Truck

I can finally post my truck here!!! :bounce:

This is what it looked like when my parents bought it in the spring of '03.

1993 Ford Explorer Sport 4x4 - 125k miles, 5 spd. trans, loaded (except for leather seats) $2000

Here are the mods:
-Panasonic Head Unit $100
-Boston Acoustics Speakers $100
-Painted the Orange Stripe Black $FREE
-Custom Magnaflow Cat-Back Exhaust $210
-Husky Cargo Mat $50
-New Dark Green Paint Job $550
-Neoprene Seat Covers $25
-Throttle Cable Mod $FREE
-Brushed Aluminum Gauge Overlay $10
-Diamond Headlights, Clear Corners & Side Markers $125
-Sylvania Silverstars $40
-Heavy-Duty Flasher for Towing $5
-Diamond Plate Door Sill Protectors $FREE
-Skyjacker Nitro8000 shocks w/ Poly Bushings in rear $80
-Steel Center Arm Rest Bracket $25
-New Fender Flares from Mazda Navajo $60
-Pro Comp Tow Hooks in front $10
-Keeper 20' Recovery Strap $15
-Serious Explorations stickers $10
-Removed Front and Rear Sway Bar $FREE
-Cobra 19 DX III Mobile CB $15
-Wilson "Little Wil" Antenna w/ 3ft. whip $25
-PA Speaker $5
-Receiver Shackle $25
-New Ford Steering Box $90
-Extended Diff. & T-case Vent Tubes to Engine Compartment $10
-Hi-Lift 48" Cast & Steel Jack w/ Hi-Lift poly jack strap $10
-K&N Breather on Top of Diff/Tranny Vent Tubes $FREE
-Sliders(.120 wall, 1.5" DOM) $250
-K&N Air Filter In Basement(For the Snorkel in the Future)
-KKM Intake $25
-Yakima Cross Bars $20
-S-hooks (To pull back inner fender) $FREE
-Optima Red Top Battery $110
-Hurst Short Throw Shifter $200
-Hard Mounted Fire Extinguisher (ABC) $10
-Centerforce Dual Friction Clutch w/ new Ford parts throughout $350
-Hella 500's on front bumper $50
-Cargo Box for Offroad Acc. $40
-Hard Mounted Camo Maglite $20
-Autovation 4x4 pedals $50
-37x12.50r16 Maxxis Creepy Crawlers $400.00
-16x8 5 on 5.5 4.25 backspacing Black Rock Crawlers $293
-Gutted Catalytic convertors$FREE
-New Flywheel, pilot bearing, and master cylinder $150
-Draw-tite tube hitch & 11" drop ball mount :eek: $130
-Q-Form Kick Panels $25
-Pyle Back-Up Camera $80
-Pyle Flip Out DVD player $400

-1977 F-150 HP D44 Full-Width $200 - Moved Forward ~1.5”
-Myers Machine Coil Seats $40 shipped
-6* Pro Comp Pinion shims under coil buckets (to fix coil angle) $18
-CAGE Offroad 5.5” Coil Springs $150 shipped
-Coil Buckets Spaced Out 2.5" (3/16" x 2.5" x 6.5") $FREE
-Bronco Graveyard 78-79 Coil Spring Tower, Pair $90.80 shipped
-F250 Shock Towers $28 shipped
-Stock Axle Shafts(for now) $FREE
-Warn Premium Hubs $72
-Extended, Plated, Heimed, Wristed 1978-1979 Bronco/F-150 Radius Arms $222 shipped
-CAGE Radius Arm Mounts $FREE w/ R/A's
-Stock F150 trac bar with Energy Suspension poly bushings $5
-Skyjacker Stainless Steel Braided Lines for lifted D35 TTB's $90
-Bronco Graveyard 66-75 Early Bronco Adj. Bracket $45
-New F150 tie-rods & stock Explorer drag link (w/ red poly dust boots) $121
-Stock pitman arm $FREE
-Raybestos Professional Grade $19.95 shipped, Powerslot slotted rotors $120
-Completely rebuilt (seals/bearings/ball joints/u-joints/etc.) $200
-Energy Suspension Red 7* C-Bushings $22
-Stock Explorer D-shaft w/ 1310 D44 pinion yoke for stock Explorer u-joints $FREE
-Rancho RS5000 shocks $20

-1983 Ford 9" $85
-Rubicon Express Anti-Wrap perches welded SOA $35
-Wild Horses Weld-On Shock Mounts $15
-Stock Springs w/ AAL $FREE
-Stock Axle shafts $FREE
-94-99 Dodge Ram 1500 front rotors $58 shipped
-'76 Cadallic Eldorado Calipers w/ e-brake $150 w/ core calipers
-'78 F150 Extended Stainless Steel Braided Rear Brake Hose $45.34
-Custom Bent Brake Lines (w/ 3/8" ends) $8
-'79 Caddy Eldorado Brake Line end box thing $FREE
-7/16" Banjo Bolt for '76 calipers $5
-Speedway Motors GM Large Caliper bracket (7" mounting points) $40 2-day shipped
-Cut off mounting points from Ford 9" drums to use as spacers for the disc conversion (no longer a backing plate behind the shaft) $FREE
-Third Member from eBay (4.88s, mini spool) $150
-BC Broncos Disc Brake Conversion Wheel Studs $15
-Wild Horses Super Duty U-bolt Kits $60
-Extended/balanced rear driveshaft w/ stock 1310 to match the 1310 on the axle $123.63
-Skyjacker Nitro 8000 shocks for 2" lift Explorer $FREE

TOTAL: $8431.77

Future Plans:
-Custom Front Winch Bumper w/ light mounts, d-rings
-Custom Swing-Out Tire Carrier Bumper w/ hitch, reverse lights, CB antenna, d-rings
-Roll Cage
-Tube Doors
-Rebuild transmission
-Rebuilt manual t-case swap
-Rear Buckets, Sparco's up front
-BBK throttle body
-Hi-steer conversion with Dedenbear knuckles, DOM tubing, and Chevy TRE's
-Regear front to Yukon 4.88s with ARB
-Warn Chromoly Shafts up front
-Moser 35 spline in the rear
-Nodular third member with Yukon 4.88s and 35 spline ARB
-single Magnaflow hi-flow catalytic converter
-Darkest legal window tint

This is what it looks like now:



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Here is the new Hurst shifter. :D


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    Hurst Shifter1.jpg
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    Interior w. Hurst.jpg
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That Hurst shifter is awesome, looks great. Did you install it yourself?

That shifter is pimp. :smoke:

Where did you get those sliders from and how much?

big351 - I installed it with the help of my friend. We installed a short shifter in his Lancer and then installed the Hurst into mine in about 2.5 hours from start to finish. Considering we've never even taken our shift boots off before, I think that wasn't too bad. ;) Before I couldn't even fit a coke can in the cup holder while in 2nd. Now I can easily fit gatorade bottles in there :eek: and I actually have a shift pattern now. :D I pretty much just barely push the shifter up from 2nd and it goes right into 3rd. :thumbsup:

j602 - does, doesn't it? :D

WannaBTrckmagik - I had the sliders made by Cheesewerks (also known as C.W. Offroad Design and Fabrication). It's a fab shop that is about 25 minutes from me. I've heard their work be compared with Blue Torch Fabrications, so that is saying a lot considering how big BTF is. Their website is being redone but here is the link: Cheesewerks

does it work with a body lift? or do you have a body lift?

I don't have a body lift, just a 2" Skyjacker suspension lift. The main reason I don't is b/c I wanted this shifter, and after doing research, I found out that it wouldn't work with a body lift. Not really sure why, but they said themself that it wouldn't work.

Where did you order it from and how much did it cost you? It looks great and i'm sure it's a ton better. Your truck and mine are almost twins:D. I think i'd like to get this shifter as well.

You might want to sit down for this one. :D $208.04 shipped to my door from The good part is that Summit and Jegs both wanted this amount for it, while Pep Boys and Auto Zone wanted $300 for this same shifter!!!!!!!!!! So in comparison the price isn't too bad. ;)


No problem! ;)

Unfortunately, my 130,000 mile old clutch has finally died. :( Atleast it died happy, considering it went out right after I got home from a few hours of wheelin' :smoke: :D One good thing about all of this is that I will finally have some time to clean this thing up...been a while since it hasn't had mud, etc splashed across the side. (Every time I wash it, I always see a nice puddle that is tempting :p) I will also have some time to finish up my cargo box that I've been making. It'll be almost exactly like Jason B.'s considering I took all the measurements from his. :D

My dad told me I shouldn't worry about getting some top of the line clutch...but considering it's my money paying for it, I couldn't see myself spending all this money on these parts knowing that for not a whole lot more I could have the best one. So, we just got finished ordering a new Centerforce Dual Friction clutch, and new Ford throw out bearing, pilot bearing, and slave cylinder. Everything will be installed on Saturday and I already plan on wheeling it Saturday afternoon and/or Sunday to "test" it out! :D

Here are some pics I got of the cargo box. It's almost done, but I ran out of wood...and my parents wouldn't really like me going out and spending more money on wood when I've got to replace the clutch, etc. :(

The Centerforce Dual Friction clutch is coming in tomorrow, and the rest of the parts (throw out bearing, pilot bearing, and slave cylinder) are all coming in on Friday! :bounce:


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    Cargo Box3.jpg
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    Cargo Box1.jpg
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i used a LUK Gold clutch, and it went on me in 20-30k miles... i got a regular LUK and its lasted me >50k miles so far

centerforce looks good... that will be my next clutch investment.

I've got your tag number now Bryan :D ;). I have a few Sheriff buddies to track you down, so don't be suprised to find your x toilet papered one morning.

The Centerforce DF clutch was the only one that would have been able to get here in time to install it, and I didn't want to buy some cheap no name thing. I think I'll be happy with this one.

Beau - ROFLMAO!! :D :D If I find out your tag number, don't be surprised if you find your supercharger missing one morning. Or better yet, your whole truck! :D :p

Let us know how that clutch works. Mine feels like it has another 5k miles on it. :rolleyes:. How much did all of that run you?

Well, all of the parts have totalled to $400, or around that. Not bad considering the clutch itself was 277 (cheapest I found it) and it's supposed to be the best on the market for our trucks. I know that the clutch will be awesome...we've owned the truck for like 2 years now and have only put about 9,500 miles, at the most, on it during that time. It has felt the same (stiff) since we've had it, so basically it was already about to go out. Even if I got a cheapo clutch, it would even be a huge difference compared to the way it's been. :rolleyes:

I finally finished installing the fire extinguisher. (It's not as big as it looks in the pics ;)) Oh, and look what the UPS man brought today! :D


  • Fire Extinguisher.jpg
    Fire Extinguisher.jpg
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  • Centerforce Dual Friction clutch.jpg
    Centerforce Dual Friction clutch.jpg
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Sweet! Where did you order the clutch from? Also where did you get that silverish looking guage cover. (I don't regonize it and it looks good.) Good luck with the install of the clutch!

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pretty pressure plate.

is the throw out bearing, pilot bearing, and slave cylinder all centerforce brand? i didnt see where centerforce sold their own slave cylinders and whatnot, maybe i didnt look hard enough.