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Body Kit Pics 95-99


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January 15, 2006
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96 XLT
I'd like to see pictures of Explorers on the site with Body kits for the 95-99 models. Let me know what kind of kit it is that you installed, how hard the install was, and how much it cost? Thanks

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so much for that idea... I'm not liking that kit at all :P

He has a street scene grill insert and an explorer express front airdam.

had to do it-

cost was roughly $500 in supplies


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conversion kits

I have a 1992 XLT. I am looking for a conversion kit to update the truck. Anything, I have contacted Perry's Fab and Fiber but nothing back yet. Does a cadillac front end exsist for this model?

expo5.0 said:
had to do it-

cost was roughly $500 in supplies

geez, making a roll pan for the rear bumper really makes the truck look shorter wheelbase wise. You bagged that mounty right? I remember your i failed thread, where you had less then a dime space to hit the frame on the ground :thumbsup: .

heres a thread by aiwaexplorer on a kit he made himself.