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Body Kits?


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February 20, 2005
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2003 explorer sport
Anyone know any good body kits for the sport explorer you know cause i don`t like that thing it has on the bottom you know where the fog lights go and stuff is like beach color right under grill i wanna take that off or either paint it black anyone know any good body kits or website that i can look up???

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There are a couple of airdamns available from explorerexpress but that's about it. Do a search and you'll come up with some info. Also grammar is our friend. :)


And after buying a kit, you may not wanna post pictures of your X on this site :D

When are you going to get that painted, Section? Primer sucks! :(

it is not primer, it is second place silver

i've offered before to make front bumpers, side skirts and rollpans for anyone interested.

if you really want a more tasteful kit than that one let me know and if i have some time we may be able to work something out. (not in the next 5 weeks though)

How much would you charge for a full kit? Do you have any photo's of the kit?

i hope i'm ok in putting this on here-

before when i tried to offer rollpans and NO ONE BOUGHT ONE i was going to give Rick a cut, so if your a mod i'll give Rick the same cut % wise as i was gong to then so don't erase it.

here are some pictures- (keep in mind its constantly changing for the better as well- i'm redong the rollpan and front bumper into a new shape right now in fact) and yours will be the way you want them, not necessarily as they are on my truck.


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looking for a 2005 sport trac adrenalin concept body kit

you mention body kit and the curb crawlers come out of the wood work! :bsnicker: