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body lift and suspension lift


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January 20, 2004
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atlanta, georgia
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1999 ford explorer
i have just purchased a 1999 ford explorer eddie bauer and am wanting to lift it. in the end i am hoping to achieve the ability to put 35 inch goodyear mtr's on my explorer, what type of body lift , suspension lift , torion, or aal, would i need to use in order to make this possible, if anyone has any suggestions it would be a big help.

If you wanna do 35's your better off going straight to a SAS. 35's are little ruff on the stock front susp. However with as little as TT/Shac and a 3" BL. You can put on 35's....and some triming:rolleyes:. Also you'll need do regear with 35's.

Unless you got money, don't try to jump so fast. 33's are a little easier to do. I'm planing on going to 33's when $$ permit. If I want to go 35's I'll probally change trucks first.