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Body lift and Suspension lift


September 20, 2008
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Indianapolis, IN
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93 4 door
i have a 93 explorer 4 door 4wd and i was wondering will i run into any problems with using a PA 3 inch body lift and f150 coil seats and shackles?? I got the body lift on craigslist for 60 bucks and i made some shackles for the rear just need the f150 coil seats. I was just worried about maybe the brake lines not being long enough. Does anyone else have this setup?? I would like to see a before and after!!

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I'm running a 3 inch PA body lift and 4inch james duff suspension lift with no problems. Have fune taking those mounting bolts off I just spent all day with a cutting wheel getting those *******s off

you should be fine, youre not lifting the suspension enough to need longer brake lines, and your BL will come with any brackets youll need to move anything.

...Welcome here and you will be fine...:D

...If you click on the "How To" in my signature you will find links to pics that should help..;)

ive been a ford mechanic for about 4 years and i have worked on my fair share of salt trucks so im never scared of some rusty bolts lol.. thanks for the info. I guess i would have found out eventually but while im out wheeling is a bad time to figure out something isnt gonna work!!