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body lift for 97 explorer


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August 4, 2003
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gainesville ga
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97 explorer 2 door sport
I have a 1997 2 door 2wd explorer and i want to put abody lift on it, everywhere i go i see body lifts for 90-94 explorer do any of u guys know any body lifts that would fit my explorer plz tell me ty.

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Check out the Useful thread forum, I have a thread in there with a link that tells you what you have to buy to do it.

search for PA#853 Ford Ranger Body Lift from Performance accessories, i think thats the one u will need, thats what i used for my 97 4 door 4x4

>>PA#853 Ford Ranger Body Lift from Performance accessories

Can someone point out where to get a 97 3" body lift?
I checked out and did not see any body lifts

I am looking for a 3" body lift for my 97 4x4.. the more complete the kit is the better... (ex bumper brakets)


They don't make 2nd Gen Explorer body lifts. Thats why people are telling you to use the ranger lift. Please do a search for GJarret and click on the link in his profile, there is plenty of information. Or a simple search of body lift 97* will yield you plenty of information.

This topic is discussed probably 1 a week and I think there are currently 2 other guys asking questions about a '97 Explorer.

Oh, and rear bumper brackets will have to be made. There's no way around this... its not that hard. If you can put on a body lift, you can drill the holes required for the rear brackets. :D