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body lift on 3rd gen

Kris Guilbeaux

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February 12, 1999
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Ok I have searched but maybe I am missing it. Has any one on here Modified a 2" body lift to work on a 3rd gen?

I have a Friend that wants his 3rd gen lifted a little and I know thats the only way it can be done.. I seen pictures of them done before. But I want to know what kit to buy and what modifications I need to do...

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I want to say last year??

Someone DID call good guys auto sales.

They gave a bunch of BS.
Wouldn't give any straight info on how they did it.

A search might find the thread. If I get a chance I'll see if I can find it.

Yep Seen those picks too.. I just wanna know if any ones done it besides this Dealer... guess the answer is no.. :(

guess I will have to figure this one out of my own...

theres just alot more that goes with a body lift on this particular car... the bumpers r set completely different than other cars... on most trucks, the front bumper bolts to the body and maybe minorly to the frame to where brackets in a body lift kit can be included to maintain rigidity... same goes with the rear bumper... on most trucks, the bumper sticks out and bolts to the frame only on the lower portion to where adding disks to raise it with the body makes it easier.... on the explorer, the front bumper bolts to the body on each end like any normal vehicle but bolts to the inside of the bumper on the bottom part that is connected to the frame, which would make bringing it up like unbolting at the bottom to where it flaps in the wind... and with the rear bumper its the somet thing and ford once again has accomplished the mission of making it harder with the explorer... the explorer's rear bumper is incorporated into the body to where it wraps around the hitch receiver and bolts to the body under the light housings... how those guys pulled it off is still a mystery to me and i think it would take a little more fabrication than just a "kit"... fabrication is the biggest part rather than simply putting on some body lift disks