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Body Lift Question

that sounds like a good idea... no pics but ill take some and upload them in a bit...basically a U shaped piece of 1/4" with studs welded to the bottom and holes 3 inches above that maintain the same slope of the factory holes.

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If you can't get the pics up on this site, just email them to me and maybe I can make the brackets like yours.

Nah thats ok I run my own web server that i just host all my stuff off of heres them installed, but I'm going to get you better ones when I take off my bumper, unless you think those are good enough, but I don't mind....

Ignore that little black wire thats just the ground for my spot-lights.

were you ever able to make some brackets from that?

Thanks for the pics. I'm going to work on the brackets tomorrow. The bumper is on, but it is not perminent.\