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Body lift


October 23, 2003
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west springfield, ma
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91 xlt
Hi, i just put A set of BF Goodrich allterrean tires on my 91 explorer, they are 31x10.5s. And now i want to put a body lift on my truck but i dont know what size to get, i was thinking a 2 inch? I dont want to to look to goofy. If any one has these size tires and a body lift on it could i see pictures? And also what brand body kit should i get, there is just so many kits out there. thanks for the help. :smoke:

performance accessories from 4wheelparts or summit racing is what most use on this site, 2" ??? if ur going to do it, go 3" cause i'm sure u'll want bigger tires down the road, since u are already go up, everyone wants to go higher eventually after they start modding