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body lift

Nick Schmitt

March 19, 2000
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Los Angeles
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1994 Limited
I just did the performance accesories 3 inch body lift, i put in the steering shaft extension but i am still getting binding in the steering. Any suggestions on wht i can do to eliminate that binding?

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about your steering. do you have a steering stabilizer? (w/ your bigger tires) steering stabilizers add a tremendious difference! they're only about 50 bucks and the save a lot of time, effort and money in the long run.-russel sorry about the price scew up earlier

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i do have a steering stabilizer but i don't think that helps to prevent the binding that i am now getting

I don't know how to solve this problem, but I have no bind on mine...No problems even with my boggers....I know it's a 91 but would expect the whole steering setup to be the same....All I'm getting at is that it's really stange how that works...Oh yeah, I've got the same lift...Thanks anyways...Pete

I've got the same problem with mine. Someone suggested I put an extension but looks like that might not help. It aggrevates the hell out of me. Looks like a project for an upcoming weekend. Hope to solve the problem.