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body lift


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July 31, 2009
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oreana il
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94 xlt
I just ordered a 3'' body lift for my 94. I have been reading and searching alot but im not coming up with much good info. So to those of you who have installed a bl on your first gen let me know what tips and input you have on this.
Ill be honest from what I have read this install is a scary one.

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it's a dozen bolts and some spacers,, think about it that way,,

Yeah I just hope 6 of those 12 bolts dont snap.

there should be new bolts in the kit anyways, if they snap that makes it so much easier,,

If they snap will they just fall threw the floor?

if they snap the big washer with the nut on the bottom will allow you too remove them from under the frame mount,
or they will just fall under the Ex,,

Check out the DayStar body bushing replacement thread for some good info on working with the body mounts.


Start spraying the bolts now with rust penetrant!