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Body lift


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February 18, 2002
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San Diego, California
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'98 4x4 Sport
Ok my first question is since you only lift the body when you open the hood would everything be lower that the top of the hood, does this make working on it awkward? Second is I found a body lift for my car from a place near me, it is a 2", but however they are charging a **** load to put it in so I was wondering if anyone in southern Cali would like to do it for me or show me how it is done I would be willing to pay them. I am not real mechanically inclined and this is new to me. Would really appreciate it. Thanks

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You should be able to get the kit for about $60 - $70 from Summit or 4 wheel parts wholesalers.

Installation is not difficult, however loosening up the existing body mount bolts can be hard depending upon their condition, in your case salt corrosion is the problem. This could explain the high labor cost. I put a 2" body lift on my X in a few hours, the only bolts that gave me problems were the front mounts.

All you really need is a set of sockets and a hydraulic jack. You add the body lift bushings one side (left and right) at a time so that the body stays straight on the frame. As I recall there are five mount points on each side. You have to lift up the carpet to get to the rubber plugs that cover the body mount bolts from the inside.

Remove the bolts from one side, jack up the body starting in the front or rear and simply slide the new body lift bushings into place and hand tighten the new bolt. Do all the bolts on one side then tighten them after you lower the body down. Then proceed to the other side. There should also be some prackets to adjust your bumpers and steering shaft. These are also simple to install.

You might also consider replacing the body mount bushings at the same time. See the "group purchase" bullitens for a deal.

It sounds easy enough however, I would feel more comfortable if someone who knows how could at least help. I am a 19 year old girl without a lot of experience with this kind of thing. Torsion twist was easy but this is a little more difficult. Plus I am not sure if I have everything that is needed. There must be someone in Southern Cali near San Diego that needs or wants to make a few bucks that knows how to do this. This shop makes a 2" kit for the 98 but is charging $525 to install. Can someone help me out?

Sorry I can't help with the install, but I just wanted to say that the engine will sit 2" lower than it is now, but you won't be able to tell very much. It isn't harder to do anything in the engine compartment.

c'mon guys, she said she's a 19 y/o girl! :eek:

wish i was in cali :D

all I can say is bring it somewhere else for a quote, I've heard of cheaper installs then that.

Originally posted by red96camaro
c'mon guys, she said she's a 19 y/o girl! :eek:

wish i was in cali :D
. . .

That is what I was thinking :) First off I am impressed that a 19 year old girl would tackle even the TT/Shackle lift let alone willing to help with a body lift. All my Wife can do is tell me "something feels different, will you look at it for me?"

A thought on the $525 installation that this place charges; maybe they made the kit a lot more trouble than it needs to be. A body lift is pretty labor intensive though. It took me and a friend about 8 hours to put mine on. At 16 man hours into $525 that works out to $32.81 an hour (about 1/3 to 1/2 the going rate). Now I would expect any good body shop to be able to do it in 4-6 hours so the $525 labor charge is about right. It isn't anything complicated so just about anyone with mechanical abilities can put one on. It doesn't require any special training or exotic tools. Air tools and heavy duty floor jacks make the job a lot easier though. I'm sure someone in Southern California will step up and offer you their assistance. Heck, if you were local, I would help if for no other reason than to get a chance to help a fellow (fellowette?) Explorer owner.


I'm in Riverside, CA. Call me and we'll figuer something out. I own a parts shop (4 Play Offroad) and will get you the parts cheap, and then I have a shop up here that will install it, or maybe I will come down for the weekend and visit my best friend and kill two birds with one stone. Glad to see your into Explorers.


Hey thanks to everyone. Xploder, I will let you know by e-mail this weekend. I am going to check out the kit in a couple days. It isn't the 91-94 lift, I guess they make one for my 98. Anyway I will price it and if it's cheap I will get it and let you know from there and if not I will buy parts from you and get it installed too. I will e-mail with my phone number. Thank you very much. It may take a couple days cause I am getting my exhaust hopefully on Thursday.
Oh and if there is anyone in So. Cali that wants to help or watch let me know and maybe we can do it here.

Lets see pics of your ride!!!
Not very often when you see a girl into X's!!!
If you have some but cant post them, let me know ill post them for you.

Ok they told me they are using a different lift and that is $100, and installed it is $500. Another place told me $399 and they will not sell just the kit. So is it worth it or should I buy the kit from xplodor and then have that shop put it in?
Xplodor- how much will they charge for install, or how easy would it be to do ourselves?(with some help) What do you have to modify to fit on that kit?
Thanks for all the help. I think I am getting exhaust tomorrow and trying to find some 32's. I am leaning toward 32x11.50 BFG A/T cause I can get them for $116 each, but M/T's are closer to 32" than A/T so I am not sure, maybe I can find some used ones.


I'll call the shop to get a price on the install. Your looking for a 2" lift right? Call me this afternoon so I can let you know how much everything will cost.


P.S. FYI: Also note if you plan on installing a lift later, places like 4 Wheel Parts will NOT install a lift with a body lift installed (agreements were set up with certain lift manufacturers like ProComp, Trailmaster, Fabtech, etc...). I don't know what your plans are in the future. The shop out here will do it, so you can always get it done, but not by shops like 4 Wheel Parts.

Well I will be at work until 9pm so you can e-mail with the prices so I can find out when I get home and decide tonight what i Want to do and then call you tomorrow.
BTW would 32's look too small with 4" of lift? I have 2" TT and 4dr leaf packs plus the 2" body. Should I go with 33's? Don't want to regear, have 4:10's now. Don't want to lose major power. Anyone who has 32's or 33's for sale let me know.

Cynthia, here is my '97 4x4 Sport with 32" equivalents (265 75R16) tires installed with a 3" body lift and 2" TT/shackle lift. Use it to decide if you think it looks bad.


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You may want to start a new thread in the for sale \ wanted forum if your looking for 32 or 33's
people dont read every post but if there is a new thread with that title it may capture their attention.


I'm running 33 Xterrains. Minor loss in power, but I still have my 3.73s on. The Xterrains are actually 31.75 to 32" not true 33s. Might want to check them out.

Oh yeah, this thing says your email is blocked, so you will have to email me first so I have your address.

Well It looks like no exhaust tomorrow cause I found out I have a dual in single out muffler so it is going to cost more than I thought. Oh well I needed to take it in anyway because of the noise that they haven't fixed. I swear Ford will fix everything except the problem. If I had an exhaust they wouldn't have been able to hear it anyway. Oh well more money for tires.
I will get pictures to put up. And then I will do a before and after. So I found out that 33" A/T are cheaper than 32" M/T. Weird, oh well guess that means I may go to 33's. Thanks for the help guys.


I have a guy in OC that will do a custom chip programming and exhaust for like around $500.00. Custom Exhaust alone I think is like $180.00 Good luck in your travels.


P.S. What type of noise is it? I have one when I go over bumps, so does my co worker. I know it's not my sway bar because I took it off. Is yours the same noise?

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No mine is on hard acceleration I can hear and kind of feel a grinding noise coming from my side. I think it is the axle knuckle cause when they replaced the knuckle seal and regreased the noise went away until the grease wore away then it came back and they aren't fixing it right.
But I do have a small noise when I go over bumps too. I ignore it and turn up the radio. Maybe I need bushings.
Xplodor I e-mailed you.

BTW Anyone else have dual in single out muffler with exhaust?? What did they do to it?