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body lift's.


December 9, 2009
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FairFax, Virginia
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1997 Ford Explorer Sport
I was wondering what is the best body lift for my 97 explorer sport. everyone's comming up with different lifts. should I go for a PA-883, PA-853 or a PA-792?

You need PA-853, you go with the same year ranger as your Explorer.

Glen is right.. 853 kit plus you need the bumper brackets from the 883 kit or you can get em made.. Should be making a batch here in the next week or so.

well Blee1099 if you could make i guess how many it would take for my X i'd be more then willing to send some money your way.or if anything if you can't or don't want to send them by mail I can come & scoop them. & thanks glen for your help.