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Body Molding DIY


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November 28, 2006
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New Orleans, La
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03 XLT
Has anyone taken off all of the body molding?

I have an 03 NBX which has the wheel molding, lower molding on both doors, and the lower half of both front and rear bumpers that were once gray textured.

I am planning on painting them with automotive paint to match the rest of the exterior(Black). I am going to leave the bumpers on the truck and mask off but I would prefer to take everything else off to make the prep and paint go alot easier and faster.

The best I can tell the lower door panels are held on by plastic clips at the top and the bottom is countoured to slip around the lip of the door.

I think my biggest concerne is breaking the clips during the removal. Has anyone done this, if so do the clips have a tendancy to break, where can replacements be purchased?

Any info would be great as I am planning on doing this over the weekend along with re-painting the two faded door pillars, faded rear pillar, fadded roof rack pieces, faded cowl, and am contemplating painting the mirror housings to match the truck.