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Body Moulding

I have a 1995 4-door Explorer. I am going to remove the ugly pin stripe and I also want to remove the door moulding. Does anyone know if there are mounting holes under the moulding? What about all of the badges, any holes? Does anyone have any pics of their doors with mouldings removed? Any help is appreciated.

If your talking about the plastic rocker panels then yes there are holes underneath them. Also the rear emblems also have holes underneath them.

Thanks for the reply. I am talking about the moulding on the door that prevents door dings, not the rocker panels. I am pretty sure there aren't any holes but I wanted to double check. Thanks again. I was going to debadge the hatch but not if there are holes under the "explorer" emblem.

I cant say for sure but I am 89% sure there are NO holes.
The hot ticket to find out for sure is to pop off the door pannel and give the inside a look see.