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Body Mount Bushings / 02 Sport


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June 21, 2009
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South Florida
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2002 Explorer Sport 4x2
Hey guys! My car has a clunk and a grinding sound (like threads rubbing against metal) and I've determined that my body mount bushings are basically shot. I went under the car and discovered that the rubber bushings are coming apart in chunks.

The car is 100% rust free, not even surface rust, and I can still see all the original factory chalk markings... there isn't even grease under the car. So replacing the bushings shouldn't be too bad.

I figured the process would be pretty straight-forward once I got into it, and that I should clearly be able to see what needs to be changed. I've only bought 4 bushings at this point and I plan to replace the ones in the front (and eventually do them all as I get around to it). I bought two of each part number. How can I tell which ones go where? There is one part number which makes up the majority of all the body-mounts, and then there's one specific part number which is used for only two mounts. Which mounts on the vehicle are unique compared to the rest of them?

Anything I should know getting into this?


Since nobody seems to know, I'd crawl under there and see what can be seen. Since you seem to know the # needed for each part then you should be able to just pull the old to see which one each is.

^ Ditto above. Physical inspection is the only way of knowing. IIRC, 2001-03 Sports used the orange MCU foam mounts in 8 of 10 locations. If you bought OEM foam or Dorman aftermarket rubber replacements, you may consider returning them and using the brand new DFM002 polyurethane replacement kit. They appear very similar in construction to the Prothane 6116 ST kit.

MANY body mount threads, here's just one:

Oh dude... I just did the drivers side, WOW... did that suck.

The bushings installed in the frame didn't match any kind of sequence I could possibly find. There are two different kinds of bushings that it appears to use... and it seems to alternate every other (unlike the sport track, which was the only one I could find the schematics on... heh). So... off to Rock Auto to buy two more.

In any case though... I'm glad I finally got the drivers side done. In the back, I had to sawzall it off. I removed the bumper pad, and the filler panel, and then just cut it out (appeared to be fused together with surface rust).

Good news is, my car is utterly and completely rust-free underneath... and with the entire suspension (front and back) completely replaced... I'm starting to realize how much more of a heavy duty vehicle this car is. It's almost like they built it to be serviced and last a long time. The bushings were crap... totally broken apart. Made of almost a foam-like material... but man, am I impressed with the construction of this car.

For a while, I had started buying brand new cars every time. I may still do this for my wife... but honestly, I think I'm keeping this car for a really long time. Even if the motor blows, I'm just going to swap it out with a rebuilt one.

Anyway, hopefully I'll get the other bushings and I can do the other side next weekend.