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Body mounts - are these dead?


October 25, 2013
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2002 Mountaineer V8 AWD
Hey all, I drive on rough roads routinely and have a dull thudding that'd developed in the passenger front when turning left over any kind of bump. I've checked all of the obvious suspension culprits over there, and I don't think there's anything wrong with them.

I started looking for other rubber and noticed these body mounts. I assume this isn't supposed to have any gap, right? I assume I'm going to need to replace several, the roads where I am are pretty bad.

IMG_20180707_091055 (Large).jpg

That does not look like a body mount, it looks like the upper A arm bushing. I had the same problem with mine, new upper A arms were the solution for me. Having that gap will cause a clunking and affect your alignment.
Replacement is pretty simple and you want to get the alignment checked when you are done. Check the other side, you might want to do both of them while you are under there.