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Body mounts!!!!


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May 17, 2009
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Pleasantville, iowa
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1994 4-door xlt 4x4
i have a 94 X and need help with my body mounts/body bushings....the bushings (the rubber part) looks good minus missing both whole lowers on the rear most mounts... but as the pics will show (all pics are of the rear most pass side mount or what is left of it anyway!) but im unsure what i need exactly...since the bushings If i recall, are only stuff to replace the rubber part. ok i went ahead and pulled out the upper part (between frame and body) of the rear most body mount (pass side) now that meatal ring that sits ontop of the bushing? i think i need that along with everything (unsure what there all is) for the lower part (the part that is actually benieath the frame)
these are pics of the upper body mount? what does it look like i need (i would like to replace all hardware including that metal ring thats above the rubber) and i also need to know what is all with the lower part (beneath the frame) AND IT IS ONLY THE BACK TWO REAR MOST MOUNTS THAT LOOK LIKE THIS


with this last pic im unsure if there is supposed to be a metal sleeve or something in there that the bolt goes through or what...any and all help is greatly appreciated thanks

this is the bottom of the drivers side (the head of the bolt broke off so im stuck cutting it or drilling it out to get it off

this is the bottom of the pass side (b4 i pulled it out)


The rear body mounts are the top plate, tall bushing, then the the frame mount, short bushing, and a big washer with a nut on the bottom, with the bolt holding it all together. Pretty simple.

You can find "universal" rubber body mounts by size, and there are even polyurethane mounts and kits for Fords.

Since it's just the rear two, my suggestion would be a trip to the junkyard with the same size socket and ratchet you used to get the bolts off, and a big adjustable wrench for the nut/washer on bottom, and grab the whole rear body mount hardware off any 1991-2001. It'll have the bolt, bushings, washers, everything. The rears are usually a snap to remove since the bolt threads aren't intentionally messed up like the other body mounts.

If you don't have a salvage yard nearby, find someone parting out their ride in the For Sale forum. You'll find someone who will be more than happy to send you their complete like-new rear body mount hardware from a snow and rust-free climate for a really nice price.

Mine aren't half that bad, but the bottom washers rusted off, so I need a set of those.